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  • verb

Synonyms for degrade

Synonyms for degrade

to lower in rank or grade

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

to lower in character or quality

Synonyms for degrade

reduce the level of land, as by erosion


reduce in worth or character, usually verbally

lower the grade of something

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YM supplementation decreased the effective degradability and degradation rate of pasture CP.
Firstly, the results suggested the potential for the aerobic microbial degradability of the organic load.
The enhanced degradability has been ascribed to a solubilisation of total phenolics (Chesson, 1981), arabinoxylans and cellulose (Lindberg et al.
Compost of municipal organic waste: Effects of different management practices on degradability and nutrient release capacity.
These additives are said to promote oxo-and bio- degradability and compostability in single-use disposable products that typically end up in landfills or carelessly tossed away outdoors.
NAPCOR, the trade organization for the PET packaging industry, is concerned that no data has been made publicly available to substantiate or document; the claims of degradability of PET resin products containing degradable additives; the effect of degradable additives on the quality of the PET recycling stream; the impacts of degradable additives on the products made from recycled PET; and the true impact on the service life of these products.
PCL is a linear aliphatic polyester with the unique biocompatibility, degradability, and flexibility (17-21).
The impressive mechanical properties of silks, along with established biocompatibility and slow degradability, render silk fibroin as an interesting biomaterial for further exploration for orthopedic applications [4].
Topics of discussion include antimicrobial activity of lactoferrin and lactoferrin-derived peptides, dietary protein requirements for preterm infants in the neonatal period, antimicrobial activity of lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase in milk, and determination of protein degradability and its importance in ruminant nutrition.
In other words, if the only brand of biodegradable nappies available in your supermarket is made in Israel, at what point are the benefits of degradability counteracted by the fossil fuels burned up in transporting them to the other side of the world?
Its degradability, potential to bioaccumulate, adsorption on sewage sludge, and toxicity to sewage microbial populations are evaluated from the results of standard tests also used in the FDA risk assessment.
The justification for degradability is suspect and the effectiveness more so.
The degradability of the ARS formula - the vehicle with the pigment - was demonstrated in tests performed in 1994.