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dissolve cooking juices or solid food in (a pan) by adding liquid and stirring

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Its depth of flavor makes it ideal for braising meat and game or for deglazing a pan for sauces.
A Deglazing is when you add liquid - wine, stock or water - to a pan that has been used for cooking a piece of meat to loosen the flavoursome pieces of food stuck to the pan.
Known widely as a tool used for deburring, plateau honing, and deglazing, this is an inexpensive yet sophisticated device.
It's the choice of professionals, allows consumers to perform classic-style cooking techniques like deglazing and finishing under a broiler, and is versatile enough to go from oven or stovetop to table and refrigerator.
The pan gravy is made in the roasting pan as normal by deglazing the pan with wine and thickening the juices with flour.
Repeat deglazing 1 or 2 times until onion is well browned; use 1/3 cup broth each time.
Double Barrel Whisky Sirloin: Deglazing the pan with smooth bourbon brings out the sweetness in the caramelized onions and incorporates an oak flavor and light, smoky notes into the two blackened 4 oz.
When it is nice and hot pour in the white wine vinegar and reduce its volume by half, deglazing and scraping any residue from the base of the tray.
Try rolling nuggets of liver in spicy flour (a pinch of cayenne and mustard powder) and flash in a hot pan before deglazing with a little stock and wine, then tip over a bowl of tasty rice; a perfect supper.
and Sauvignon Republic cellars in northern California, offers Pan Sauteed Chicken with Herb Deglazing Sauce (see recipe below) as the centerpiece for an Earth Dinner that truly honors the spring season of California.
Bring browned bones and trimmings to a boil in 4 cups water (including the deglazing liquid).
Repeat deglazing step until onion is richly browned and pan is dry, about 20 minutes.
Add the wine, deglazing any flavour from the base of the pan, and reduce by half, add the stock, thyme and bay leaf.
In addition to braising and deglazing know-how, more and more culinary professionals are amassing skills in business management, customer service, human resources and restaurant facility design.
Repeat step, cooking mixture dry and deglazing, until vegetables are richly browned, about 2 more times.