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Many degenerating and nondegenerated gonadotropes, somatotropes, and lactotropes showed dilated ER (Figures 3 and 5) and hypertrophic Golgi areas, occasionally with some lightly dense granules inside.
As older Americans, most also face degenerating health, which, combined with the loss of ability to earn a competitive income, forces many down to almost a poverty level existence.
Two new reports suggest that a polymer that conducts electricity could help damaged nerves grow back and that chemically modified buckyballs--60-carbon spherical molecules--could prevent the nerves from degenerating.
Geron's technology platform includes the discovery of small molecule inhibitors of telomerase for cancer therapy; telomere and telomerase-based research and diagnostic tools; telomerase activation to extend the replicative lifespan of normal cells; and complementary stem cell, gene therapy and nuclear transfer approaches to restore the function of degenerating organs.
Phagocytes are called in to get rid of the degenerating cells, releasing their "nasty chemicals" in the process.
The company designs, develops and manufactures minimally invasive implants and medical devices for the repair and regeneration of damaged or degenerating cartilage.
ReGen's unique Meniscus Implant, which is designed to support healing and regrowth of damaged or degenerating meniscal knee cartilage, holds exciting potential for patients and investors.
This sequence of cellular events very closely mimics what is known to occur in the degenerating neurons in the brains of Alzheimer patients.
ReGen Biologics is a privately held company that designs and develops minimally invasive systems for the repair and regeneration of damaged or degenerating cartilage that, left untreated, can cause osteoarthritis.