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French impressionist painter (1834-1917)

remove gas from

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Project lead Prof Dmitry Eskin of the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology explains: "The most common current method, argon rotary degassing, is energy intensive, involves rotating brittle parts and expensive argon gas.
8 million deal to build a degassing station (DGS) in Iraq.
Thinky mixing and degassing has been found valuable for high viscosities, for materials with highly different densities, or for mixing dry particles into liquids.
The Flexis Air for Coffee valve delivers multiple advantages compared with an alternative degassing process called bin degassing.
Steel degassing modules will be installed at companies including Laxcon Steel and Bhawani Steel to run the VD and vacuum oxygen decarburizing (VOD) processes to produce degassed alloy steels and stainless steel used in automotive, electrical and power industries.
The TVE extruder configuration (with the melt filter upstream of the melt degassing extruder section to form the TVEplus technology), enables extremely difficult waste materials--including full-surface and multilayer printed packaging films that are increasing in use--to be processed in a single pass to produce high-grade recycled pellets.
Degassing and deoxidizing of the metal is directed at production of especially low content of carbon and impurities in the finished steel.
has introduced the MV Vacuum Degassing Chamber for batch processing epoxies, urethanes, resins, and other viscous fluids.
Supercure LS4201, a further development of Borealis' LE4201, was engineered to enhance performance by decreasing the length of the processing run (thus a lower propensity for scorch), by reducing the degassing process, and by maintaining or increasing extrusion speed.
Although several degassing techniques have been developed and are widely used today, all work with the same goal in mind: to separate unwanted gases from solvent samples.
UNVENTED DEGASSING UNITS--The revised rule also promises to eliminate unnecessary performance testing on unvented degassing units that limit chlorine flux usage.
BVPI), a subsidiary of Black & Veatch Corporation, has announced the commercial availability of a new liquid sulfur degasification technology patent, the Mechanical Agitation (MAG*) degassing system concept.
a leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum degassing products for the analytical chemistry instrumentation market.
General Construction Management Services include detailed design and engineering and project management for flowlines, temporary power generation of electrical submerged pump oil wells, repairs and/or installation of crude oil tanks, and rehabilitation of systems within degassing stations.
com)-- The new Thinky ARE-930Twin mixer launched by Intertronics offers twin planetary mixing capacity with vacuum degassing to submicron level, enabling one litre processing with complete elimination of bubbles.