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Synonyms for Degas

French impressionist painter (1834-1917)

remove gas from

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From the TVE, a gear pump feeds cleaned and degassed melt into a second 35:1 extruder, where pentane is metered in along with a nucleating agent and other additives.
Patent to use any degassed pharmaceutical product in all needle-free injection systems has been granted to PenJet(R) Corporation, a Santa Monica-based medical device company.
The alloy was melted under controlled conditions and degassed as needed.
Molten metal is rotary degassed before passing through a 30-ppi sintered alumina filter and tapped out from the furnace into a 1.
Key components are an efficient membrane design constructed of highly gas-permeable Teflon AF, a continuous-run vacuum pump designed specifically for degassing applications, and NO-OX tubing to keep atmospheric gases from re-entering degassed mobile phase.