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Synonyms for defusing

the act of deactivating or making ineffective (as a bomb)

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Soon after the detailed inspection carried out by bomb defusing specialist there has been determined the suspected device, wrapped around the igniter gas tube, is a bomb set-up and it was brought to the police station for inspection.
security research, the procurement of a defusing robot is required at Fraunhofer EMI.
COURAGE J Wilson won George Cross for defusing Nazi UXBs
I did my job, that was all," lead defusing expert Horst Lenz told local daily Rhein Zeitung.
Gunmen shot dead a senior security official in south Yemen, scene of escalating separatist tensions, and two soldiers died defusing a bomb near a southern army camp, officials and witnesses said on Sunday.
THE Queen has honoured a soldier for the bravest act yet seen defusing devices in Afghanistan.
He said that in addition to defusing two roadside bombs, the forces also seized 10 mortars.
AN Army bomb disposal officer is to be honoured by the Queen after defusing nearly 100 devices in six months.
Defusing the situation could have been better achieved by a simple apology from Obama for having inadvertently played the 'race card' in support of his personal friend, Dr Gates without having had the facts first hand.
Mr Prescott will "assess the post-electoral situation" in Armenia and "explore possibilities for defusing the current political crisis and promoting dialogue", said a statement.
The two countries reportedly shared the view that the delisting and lifting of sanctions should be timed to coincide with North Korea's submission of a report on its nuclear programs and the defusing of its nuclear facilities when the two nations held a working group meeting in New York earlier this week, the report said.
The Business Law Survival Guide: Defusing 101 Legal Time Bombs That Cart Sabotage a Commercial Transaction, provides a key to successfully managing legal risks.
Supporting a popular theory of aging, the drugs work by defusing the highly reactive oxygen-containing molecules commonly known as free radicals.
Talking to a news channel, he said the real sucess was in defusing conflicts rather its escalation.
CHAMAN -- Police successfully foiled a terrorism bid early Saturday afternoon by defusing a bomb in Chaman, officials said.