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remove the triggering device from


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The IED was immediately defused, said Sudhir Kumar, Commandant, 85 battalion, CRPF.
Yesterday, a bomb installed near a track on Sariab road was timely defused by BDS.
An explosives expert examined the 20-kilogram bomb and defused it, it added.
The anti-terror squad and the anti-explosive experts searched the two cars and defused the home-made bombs, which were planted in one of the vehicles.
Troops averted a major tragedy when they detected and defused a powerful IED at Shalateng area during their road opening to facilitate movement of VIP convoy on Srinagar- Baramulla road," Srinagar based defence spokesman said.
HERO: The huge bomb which was defused by Sgt Michael Gibson
A MASSIVE British World War II-era bomb that triggered the evacuation of about half of the 107,0 residents of Germany's western city of Koblenz was yesterday successfully defused, authorities said.
The object turned out to be an RPG shell and was successfully defused with no damage reported, police said.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Four rockets and three bombs were defused on Thursday by security forces in separate areas of Baghdad, according to Baghdad Operations Command.
KARACHI, June 26 -- Five bomb blasts hit railway tracks in lower Sindh late on Friday, while three homemade bombs were also defused.
Explosives weighing 90 kilograms were found and defused in place in jurisdiction of the 7th police district of this capital city, the interior ministry said on Thursday.
Bomb disposal squad and security personnel defused the explosive device before it caused serious casualties.
Police defused three bombs at an airport on the island of Corsica yesterday (28 August).
The building was evacuated and the surrounding area was also cordoned off while the experts defused the bombs safely.
Another bomb was defused nearby in Coleraine, County Londonderry, and homes were evacuated.