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A 1995 letter from then Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Leo Clarke to McAlinden assured him that despite his admission to Lucas, "your good name will be protected by the confidential nature of this process," and urged McAlinden to accept the defrocking for his own good and "for the sake of souls and the good of the church.
In the letter, Benedict raised concerns over what the defrocking of Reverend Stephen Kiesle, a California priest convicted in 1978 of tying up and molesting two young boys in San Francisco, could "provoke with the community of Christ's faithful, particularly regarding the young age of the petitioner".
Some of the alleged attacks, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became public years ago but Murphy was spared a defrocking because he was protected by the Vatican office led by Cardinal Ratzinger while under John Paul II.
Until queer-tolerant bishops face up to the problem, and deal with it correctly--by not accepting queers into seminaries, and by defrocking those who persist in their perversion--St.
He had visited Taylor in jail and received the disgraced clergyman's agreement to the defrocking, which also had to be sanctioned by the Pope.
Creech is being confronted with a defrocking aftre officiating at the union of two gay men in Raleigh, N.
Fr Paul McNally, spokesman for the Birmingham Archdiocese, said the process of defrocking the priest could take several years as the action had to be carried out in accordance with Church law and involved ratification by the Pope.
While the general consensus at the conference was to report any suspected case of child sex abuse to the police, measures like defrocking and expulsion would be thought of only if the accused is convicted by a court," conference spokesman Babu Joseph Karakombil told reporters.
In his address, Archbishop Carey also scolded Bishop Charles Bennison of Pennsylvania for defrocking a conservative priest and the diocese of Sydney, Australia for its decision to allow lay presiders at communion.
Of the Taylor defrocking he said: "This is a moment of profound sadness, for it underlines, publicly, failure in the life of a priest, the deep distress suffered by those who were abused by him and the sense and sorrow carried by many Catholics, both people and priests.
THE Catholic Church can impose punishments ranging from solemn warnings to complete defrocking.