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divest of the frock


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Delisle, a spokesman for the diocese, said that Bishop McManus has asked Pope Benedict XVI to defrock Rev.
Ratzinger also said that any decision to defrock Kiesle must take into account the "good of the universal church" and the "detriment that granting the dispensation can provoke within the community of Christ's faithful, particularly considering the young age".
It is time to have an Anglican pope with all the powers to defrock and expel the heretical bishops in the Canadian and American churches.
Bishop Lise-Lotte Rebel, however, did not have the authority to defrock Grosboel.
Roman Catholic bishops in the US should ask the Vatican to defrock any priest caught sexually abusing a child in the future, a church panel said yesterday.
The Bank knows that we helped defrock the taboo against the discussion of excessive arms expenditures, and helped raise vulnerable ethnic minorities on the agenda of concern--as just two examples.
Canon law expert Archdeacon Harry Huskins of the diocese of Algoma said that the Anglican church is reluctant to defrock a priest, a decision which can be appealed or misused.
Under the diocesan canons, a bishop may not defrock a priest.
Action is being taken to defrock Thady O'Malley, a parish priest in Banbury, Oxfordshire, who pleaded guilty to 12 charges of indecent assault between 1979 and 1985 in Birmingham, Wakefield and the chapel at Coventry's Walsgrave Hospital.