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bear the expenses of

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Catherick's early attachment to the interests of himself and his family, by defraying the expense of her daughter's maintenance in a trustworthy private Asylum.
That this Association cordially recognises the principle of every member of the Corresponding Society defraying his own travelling expenses; and that it sees no objection whatever to the members of the said society pursuing their inquiries for any length of time they please, upon the same terms.
Ivanhoe will involve many of his colleagues in the real estate industry in defraying some of the unique costs of serving nearly 275 special children at the highly acclaimed Camp HASC in Parksville, N.
In case anyone thinks he's Alberto Vilar redux, be aware that Ranieri has already dispensed plenty of green stuff, defraying the expenses of some administrative salaries, underwriting the junior ABT company's housing, paying for two weeks of rehearsal for the parent troupe, and subsidizing the renovation of bathrooms and lockers in ABT's Broadway-at-19th-Street digs.
However, those fees did not come close to defraying the prohibitive travel costs for which the Ice Station had to foot the bill.
The company intends to incorporate/build a number of high end single family homes and condos on the property abutting the golf course, thus creating additional profits from the acquisition while defraying the acquisition cost.