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The proposal for this scientific undertaking was officially made, yesterday, at the rooms of the Royal Geographical Society, and the sum of twenty-five hundred pounds was voted to defray the expenses of the enterprise.
to defray the cost of my tuition during the whole time that I was at Hampton.
If they are not claimed in seven days they are sent far away to the Neverland to defray expenses.
He stopped to count the money still left, out of the sum deposited by Moody to defray the cost of the inquiry.
aided even by his mother's jointure) were quite inadequate fitly to defray the expenses of living at his splendid country-seat.
twelve thousand francs a year to defray the costs of a household consisting of father, mother, two children, a chambermaid and cook, living on the second floor of a house in the rue Duphot, in an apartment costing two thousand francs a year.
You will see that he hath refection, and such a purse of gold as may defray his charges, for indeed it is great honor to any court to have within it so noble and gentle a cavalier.
Show me, in this wide waste of London, any honest means by which I could even defray the weekly hire of this poor room, and see if I shrink from resorting to them
Yet so many people were there, still, to whom those riots taught no lesson of reproof or moderation, that a public subscription was set on foot in Scotland to defray the cost of his defence.
She therefore took her grandfather aside, and telling him that she had still enough left to defray the cost of their lodging, proposed that they should stay there for the night.
Pursuant to the resolution, applicant must defray 25 per cent of the total fine's amount upon approval on the instalment's request, and the installment's defray must be in cash or via any instrument defined by the concerned government entity.
The town is seeking $633,787 to defray the cost of general government; $999,730 to defray the expenses of the Department of Public Works; $1,687,652 to defray the expenses of public safety; $140,348 to defray the cost for human services; $192,995.
The military aviation manufacturer had recently sought the ministry's approval for allowing it to defray its offset obligation by importing the equipment.
Tuition of $50 per month helps defray some of the costs of running the organization, but Jackson also depends on local businesses to sponsor various events for the girls.
The school also set up a Katrina Student Assistance Fund to help defray costs for students.