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Tahir Nawaz has complained of being defrauded of Rs 1,40,00,000.
A FORMER clerk in the Chief State Solicitors office who defrauded the state of more than pounds 18,000 in legal fees was given a three-year suspended sentence yesterday.
According to the indictment, the defendants defrauded Dime by deceiving the bank into believing that buyers of condominium units at the project had made large down payments on the units, when in truth they had made no down payments.
New World alleged that PrediWave defrauded it of nearly $700 million in connection with its investment in PrediWave as well as its purchases of PrediWave's technology for video-on-demand cable systems, which did not work.
City Administrative Officer Bill Fujioka acknowledged that the system doesn't necessarily flag all people who may have defrauded or violated city ethics laws, because they could be at a lower level in the company.
The Crown claimed that Lake intentionally defrauded the province of welfare money between Nov.
Harrington, who accepted Dellheim's plea, that Dellheim and others defrauded Dime by deceiving the bank into believing that buyers of condominium units at a project known as Gaslight Village, located at 208-214 Washington St.
As a result, defendants' scheme not only defrauded advertisers, but artificially inflated the value of Belo's stock, thus defrauding investors as well.
About one-third of the clients accessing self-help workshops at the center come in because they were defrauded by scam artists.
Treasury in settlement of claims that it defrauded that agency during the negotiation of two government contracts having a combined worth of over five million dollars.