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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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For Eisenman, the soliton analogy for the deformation of the cube has produced outer and inner volumes whose surfaces intersect as they twist vertically, forming a vortex-like cone of space.
C-Warp helps make things easy by automatically defining the statically determinate constraints needed to predict deformation.
However, information on the moisture content distribution, deformations and stress development during vacuum drying processes is limited.
Deformation and Fracture in Technological Processes Symposium (2012: Moscow, Russia) Ed.
If such hand-type deformation were possible then most of our bridges, metal supports, and buildings would be in grave danger of collapse, since the yield point becomes extremely and miraculously low when brought to the hand of talented performers such as Mr.
In the ordinary single stage deformation process; CW and EB deformations, the general trend for strain rates less than 8 [s.
At a certain combination of major and minor deformations 81 and 82 in sheet plane the localised deformation in critical area occurs, i.
Based on the results of previous experiments, both strategies with two deformations and with incremental deformations were first tested with heating temperatures of 740[degrees]C and without additional hold at this temperature.
The strength of thermal-insulating materials under compression should be assessed considering the specifics of deformations development, which manifests itself best in the stress-strain diagram (Vaitkus et al.
Using the finite element method, the numerical model has been developed enabling to predict the behaviour of deformation zones during car impact loads that cause major plastic deformations in the case of damaged deformation zone elements.
No method currently exists for measuring internal tissue deformations noninvasively; so wheelchair cushion design and selection are based mostly on measuring sitting pressures.
Key statement: A method for monitoring deformations in a tire of a vehicle wheel, the wheel including the tire and a rim, the method including: providing the wheel with at least two magnetic-field emitters mutually disposed so as to yield a composite magnetic field having one or more space portions where at least one component of the composite magnetic field is substantially null; disposing at least one main magnetic-field sensor substantially in one of the one or more space portions; monitoring variation of at least one component of the composite magnetic field; and correlating the variation with tire deformations.
A theoretical analysis of the stress-state and deformations of the stone bridge structure caused by nonstress effects and the in-situ monitoring of deformation changes of the breast walls and the bridge vaults of the historic structure of Charles Bridge (from the mid-14th century) manifested a response and a growth in permanent deformations and disintegration of the stone bridge structure due to the effects of temperature and moisture.
The deformations are smooth and volumetric to maintain cell quality for the CFD calculations.