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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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After completing this learning activity, the learner will be able to discuss deformational plagiocephaly and the necessary steps to prevent it.
So, both scientists and artists apply to reality the same deformational procedure in order to catch the essential factors of it, ergo the truth of an artistic work does not consist of a faithful representation but of a proper deformation and scientific theories, as Cassirer and Nowak uphold, do the same.
2007, Deformational properties of flysch sandstones under conventional triaxial compression conditions.
Effect of pediatric physical therapy on deformational plagiocephaly in children with positional preference: a randomized controlled trial.
Accordingly, Horton Group strata at the base of the Mississippian succession may have been subject to four or more deformational events (Park et al.
This report includes introductory information on deformational plagiocephaly (DP) and congenital muscular torticollis (CMT), current guidelines related to skull deformity and positioning, and teaching ideas for parents/caregivers of newborns.
Cenozoic Diastrophism and Deformational Events in the East -Central Alborz, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 1: 2394- 2400.
Deformational process from thick-skinned to thin-skinned thrust in Xuefeng mountain, South China, evidence from Sangzhi-Anhua tectonic section.
The aim of this paper is to present a detailed investigation of Andean and pre-Andean structures in these ranges, focusing on the control of the Paleozoic structures on the subsequent Andean deformational event.
A number of techniques have been proposed for predicting deformational response of FRP reinforced concrete (RC) elements (Faza, GangaRao 1992; Bischoff 2007), though a lack of experimental data is still evident.
Determining earthquake recurrence intervals from deformational structures in young lacustrine sediments.
The collision of the two initially led to the localized Sevier fold-thrust belt, he posits, and later to the more extensive Laramide deformational event.
Determination of structural changes of gel during deformational flow presents a big interest for practical application of this type of preparations.