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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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Deformational behaviour of cracked reinforced concrete (RC) members is a complex process including a wide range of effects, such as, different strength and deformation proper-ties of steel and concrete, concrete cracking, tension-softening and tension-stiffening, bond slip between reinforcement and concrete, etc.
Due to the stratiform geometry and chaotic deformational style of the Chain Rock member it is interpreted as a downslope mass-transport deposit (Jamieson et al.
Cenozoic Diastrophism and Deformational Events in the East -Central Alborz, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 1: 2394- 2400.
Deformational process from thick-skinned to thin-skinned thrust in Xuefeng mountain, South China, evidence from Sangzhi-Anhua tectonic section.
A number of techniques have been proposed for predicting deformational response of FRP reinforced concrete (RC) elements (Faza, GangaRao 1992; Bischoff 2007), though a lack of experimental data is still evident.
Helmet Treatment of Deformational Plagiocephaly: The Relationship between Age at Initiation and Rate of Correction, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 2013 Jan; 131(1) 55e-61e.
1] can be attributed to the symmetric and asymmetric deformational vibrations of CH2 groups in the main chain of PBS, respectively.
The goal is to automate all the steps involved in image-to-vector georeferencing so that a raw image without any geospatial or deformational information can be quickly located anywhere in a city, county, metropolitan area or similar region.
One of the important goals of the present work was to ascertain the suitability of the TWCS method for repeated multiple assessments of changes of deformational characteristics by using a single sample.
Development of the theory of unbalanced processes, physical mesomechanics and synergy allowed elaboration of deformational approach to the structural and energetic adaptation of the deformable solid body [2,3].
The collision of the two initially led to the localized Sevier fold-thrust belt, he posits, and later to the more extensive Laramide deformational event.
Deformational analysis of prestressed high-strength concrete members using flexural constitutive model, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 11(2): 145-151.
In this case the nonlinear interaction and dispersive effect occur simultaneously in the dynamical equation, the deformational effect of nonlinear interaction on the wave can suppress its dispersive effect, thus dynamic Equation (5) have a soliton solution [29-30], which has both wave and corpuscle feature.
In NLFEA, a finer mesh leads to a weaker element with a premature failure, and the analysis does not reflect the actual load carrying capacity and deformational pattern (Arslan 2007; Koksal, Arslan 2004).