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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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The objective of this study is to investigate the high-temperature deformation behavior and deformation mechanism of BT25y alloy.
the measurement of the total deformation of the barrier follows from the comb gage deformation.
Consequently, IB test provides the following data about the failure of the sample: v--the loading velocity; P--the loading force; P'--the tensile and breakdown force simultaneously; X--the longitudinal deformation; [epsilon]-the relative deformation; [DELTA]--the transverse deformation of the sample at the load location; [sigma]--ultimate tensile strength; W--absorbed-in-break energy; [alpha]-specific absorbed-in-break energy.
For evaluating the ground surface deformation state in the considered area, calculations were performed with using DEFK-Win software (Scigala, 2008), which bases on the Budryk-Knothe theory (Knothe, 1953).
Under the condition of hot non-isothermal deformation with a cooling rate of 50[degrees]C/s, a higher deformation temperature can reduce the effect of plastic strain on martensite phase transformation.
In order to keep tracks of the energy conversion during the deformation process it is needed to define the thermodynamic system.
Thereafter, the relationship between a dam's overall deformation and deformation of single observation points was analyzed through information entropy and synergetics.
A unique deformation mechanism in synchronizes long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) structures contributes to generate an excellent macroscopic mechanical property [1-6].
This enables us to formulaically express the transformation U with the first-order derivatives in the global coordinate system, hence to describe deformation dynamics of the entire object with a single transformation.
In the first studies we used beech wood and could predict the deformation (bending) of the prong samples fairly good.
The isomonodromuc family (3) is also called the isomonodromic deformation.
The method includes acquiring a first signal comprising a first signal portion representative of a radial deformation; measuring an amplitude of the radial deformation in the first signal portion; estimating a rotation speed of the tire corresponding to the radial deformation; estimating an inflation pressure of the tire corresponding to the radial deformation; and deriving the load exerted on the tire from the amplitude, the rotation speed and the inflation pressure.
When a load is applied to a thermoplastic there is an immediate deformation due to stretching of polymer chains, which is largely reversible, but some are unaware that, over a long period of time under load, there is a slower increase in deformation due to unentanglement and slippage of polymer chains, most of which is reversible.
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of filler particle size and nanoparticle addition on the bi-axial flexure strength (BFS) of the experimental resin-based composites (RBC) at varying deformation rates.
3(a), to the first order of approximation in the small parameter [epsilon]/R, we obtain the following result for the size of the radial deformation [delta](r, [phi]) of the elliptic winding compared to the unperturbed circular winding