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remove the trees from

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Brazil detained a land-grabber in Para state thought to be the Amazon's single biggest deforester, according to the country's environmental protection agency.
The worst is the planned BR-319 (Manaus-Porto Velho) highway, which would connect the "arc of deforestation" in the southern part of the Amazon region to existing and planned roads that would open roughly half of the remaining forest to the entry of deforesters.
First, the eco-conscious Linda and Tulio run afoul of some shady deforesters encroaching on the macaws' habitat; then, in an ultimately unnecessary strand, Blu and Jewel's old nemesis, the malevolent cockatoo Nigel (Jemaine Clement), hatches a deranged revenge scheme that occasions a hammy rendition of "I Will Survive.
It was helped by a retraction of the cattle and soybean industries, and a growing effort to exclude deforesters from the beef and soy markets.
It serves only as a historical record and is of little use in aiding the authorities to chase after illegal deforesters.
A blacklist of the worst deforesters is also being drawn up and published and banks are being brought in to ensure that credit is cut off to any landowners found to be infringing environmental laws in the region.
reported that Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull expected the countries attending the meeting to support the plan, quoting him as saying, "Some of the largest deforesters in the world will be there.
4) India, which ranks fourth among the world's 24 largest debtor nations during the 1980s, is also high on the list of major deforesters.
Industrial deforesters and other minions of the timber barons are once again claiming we need to cut the remaining native forests on public lands to save us from forest fires and generate funds for Oregon counties.