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remove the trees from

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The objectives of the present study were to assess deforested areas in Sonitpur district and to study the impact on malaria vectors.
Between 2011 and 2012, however, 235 square kilometres of Atlantic rainforest, the so-called Mata Atlantica, were deforested across 10 states.
Restoration of degraded and deforested lands is not simply about planting trees.
The land cover type in Kisian is primarily farmland with little tree canopy coverage; thus, Kisian is classified as a deforested area.
To curb the environmental destruction, Brazil's government has increased its federal inspection force, announced fines for anyone caught purchasing or trading goods harvested from deforested properties, and established a voluntary fund to protect the Amazon.
The US Sportsmen's Legal Defense Fund (USLDF), with support from other sportsmen's organizations, has asked a federal judge to dismiss the Fund for Animals/Humane Society of the United States suit to ban hunting on 37 units of the National Wildlife Refuge System, a refuge manager says his refuge would be a harsh, deforested place for many creatures if deer hunting were outlawed, reports The Star-Ledger.
Indeed the ancient Romans completely deforested the countryside around Jerusalem crucifying rebellious Jews.
The area that is to be deforested is 4 times the size of Portugal and would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for livestock.
In an emotional narrative, Mitchell takes the reader along as she travels to some of the Earth's most beleaguered areas, including the nearly deforested lands of Madagascar and the declining deserts of Jordan, where the few plant and animal species there struggle to survive and disappearing natural resources threaten the human population.
Robinson says that the Dominican Republic retains 14 percent of its original forest cover, in contrast with Haiti, which is almost entirely deforested due to pressures from extreme poverty and political instability.
It wasn't until the 20th century that industrial emissions deforested, transformed into desert and polluted the Earth while turning the sky into a garbage heap.
Rainfall and spring meltwater runoff is furthermore the primary agent of soil erosion, especially in deforested areas.
The area to be deforested is four times the size of Portugal and would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for livestock.
Most of Haiti's hillsides have been deforested by peasants in need of fuel, which increases the possibility of mudslides and inundations.
Now you can also fear (and with perfectly good reason, too): biological weapons and nerve gas in the subways, terrorist bombings in your office building, the AIDS virus the Ebola virus the flesh-eating streptococcus bacilli and a host of other retroviruses emerging from the rapidly deforested jungles of the world, coteries of right-wing wackos running shadow governments within the actual government, elected officials in the pocket of who knows what corporate interests, a worthless dollar backed up by nothing but faith and free-falling into oblivion.