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Synonyms for deforestation

the state of being clear of trees

the removal of trees

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Unlike deforestation that occurs to make way for agriculture --in which the impacts on the forest are impossible to miss--gold mining is often accompanied by the hidden danger of mercury pollution.
But if world leaders are serious about halting forest loss, they should instead abandon REDD+ and replace it with a mechanism that addresses the underlying drivers of large-scale deforestation.
Majority of the respondents, 43 per cent, believe that stopping deforestation is the most important.
Halting deforestation and preserving these natural areas, even partially, could decrease carbon dioxide emissions half a gigaton annually by 2030 " roughly the same reduction levels Obama has sought in the US in updated fuel efficiency standards and power-plant regulations.
In the next 15 years, the Latin American nation aims to eliminate illegal deforestation, restore and reforest 12 million hectares, recover 15 million hectares of degraded pastures, and establish 5 million hectares of land on which crops, livestock and forests co-exist, she said.
Delivering the CGF Commitment to Achieve Zero Net Deforestation by 2020
01 million hectares, and the current rate of deforestation is 27,000 hectares per year.
The impact of sectorial policies of the European Union on tropical deforestation are an important issue for policymakers in services of the European Commission in relation to policy areas of FLEGT, UNFCCC REDD+ and UNCBD.
Using a technique called deep learning, Orbital Insight will analyze high resolution satellite images of tens of millions of acres of forest provided by Global Forest Watch to discover patterns that identify indicators of deforestation risk.
However, the prime minister has directed federal and provincial forest officials to take those to the task, who are involved in the illegal tree-cutting or deforestation in any part of the country no matter how strong politically the enemy of the forests is" Minister said.
We should therefore, Porritt argues, simply accept that deforestation is inevitable, and encourage palm oil producers to be as sustainable as possible.
Jakarta, Ramadan 1, 1435, Jun 29, 2014, SPA -- The rate of rainforest deforestation in Indonesia now
Summary: Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb said Wednesday that he has taken measures against deforestation in Zalka and Barouk.
Deforestation, a word conveniently used 10 times in the article, should be accurately defined in the context that Sund quist was writing.
Now there's an online tool to track the rapid deforestation taking place across the globe.