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the loss of foliage

causing the leaves of trees and other plants to fall off (as by the use of chemicals)

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But the mixture took about a week to kill the caterpillars, so it prevented only about half the defoliation that would have occurred without any treatment, says Podgwaite.
Defoliation can optimize mixed systems because the production of fodder and seeds provides extra pay to the farmer as well as an opportunity to reuse seeds in the next harvest.
Main features: Replacing the defoliation spout on about 57m, replacement of the hydraulic pump that feeds it, adaptation of the existing, setting up a gallows and gateways
In tomato plants, defoliation did not reduce the number of fruits; however, they decreased their size and this effect can have been favored by the higher energetic expenditure in cell growth processes of stem and leaves, and by the lower translocation of sugar to fruits (Radin et al.
For calculating the defoliation intensity (INT; proportion of the length removed), we identified the grazed leaf blades in each period and used the formula: INT = [(initial length - final length)/initial length].
Hence, this study aimed to evaluate leaf gas exchanges of sweet corn as a function of defoliation, when subjected to different irrigation depths.
Moreover, the effect of sanitary defoliation on fruit size variation as a function of the position occupied within the bunch, which according to Jullien et al.
For his study, James looked at defoliation data stretching back to 1963 in two vast ecosystems in eastern and central Ontario.
In the Ribeira Valley, main producing region of banana of Sao Paulo State, defoliation is a cultural practice adopted for leaves with 50% of its area leaf taken by injuries caused by the Black Sigatoka, which helps to reduce fungal inoculum source (Mycosphaerella fijiensis) (MORAES et al.
This management is defined by the different components of the defoliation process of leaf blades: intensity and frequency.
These pests or coconut scale insects can damage leaves, fruits, stalks and branches cause stunt growth, defoliation and dieback.
They said that it was only detected in Britain two years ago and can cause up to 70% defoliation and lead to trees death, and there are no effective control measures for the disease.
Monitoring of defoliation in forest stands of the Czeck Respublic and its comparison with results of defoliation monitoring in other European countries, Journal of Forests Science 58(5): 193-202.
The specific objectives of our research were to (1) determine the abundance of splendid tamarisk weevils and tamarisk leafhoppers along the Wash; (2) identify the time of arrival of northern tamarisk beetles; (3) evaluate the impact of the northern tamarisk beetle on previously existing tamarisk herbivores; and (4) measure defoliation of tamarisk by splendid tamarisk weevils and tamarisk leafhoppers prior to the arrival of northern tamarisk beetles as well as after by all three species.