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Synonyms for defoliate

strip the leaves or branches from

deprived of leaves


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This study has shown that the critical period for control of defoliating pests on okra fields are the early fruiting and floral budding stages of plant development if one has to realize the potential yield.
The experiment was carried out in late January when defoliating lepidopterous larvae peaked.
These southern-adapted beetles," says DeLoach, "are now defoliating saltcedars in California, Texas, and New Mexico," where ARS and university scientists are monitoring their progress.
A defoliating plant should only be watered when the soil is nearly dry.
The European-spawned gypsy moth munched its way halfway across the state during the past 25 years, defoliating 604,000 acres of West Virginia forest in 2001 and 132,000 acres in 2002.
What did the trick was a mild auxin mixed with a strong cytokinin, one used commercially for defoliating cotton plants to ease harvesting.
Our studies are expected to guide pest management recommendations for grape growers and enable more appropriate responses to the presence of defoliating beetles in vineyards.
The project is expected to begin in September, in a province where the charity also does work to help children born with cleft palates because of Agent Orange, the defoliating chemical sprayed by the US during the Vietnam War.
It is not unusual for gypsy moth populations to collapse after several years of defoliating the trees and to remain at low levels for a few years.
Tenders are invited for Fighting Services Avio Defoliating Insects Dsprahova
The aim of this study was to identify the lepidopteran species whose larvae were found defoliating trees of A.