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deprived of leaves


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30 seeds) while the highest number of seeds was observed from plots defoliated at 50 % without NPK fertilizer treatment (87.
Forest Management Ontaria 2006 2007 2008 Area defoliated by insects and 1 978 846 1 945 195 beetle-killed trees (hectares) Balsam fir sawfly Forest tent caterpillar 370 759 371494 Gypsy moth 10 350 31094 Jack pine budworm 740 116 536 051 Mountain pine beetle Spruce beetle Spruce budworm 797 206 849 045 Western spruce budworm Other insects 60 415 157 511 Area planted (hectares) 82 615 74 861 Area seeded (hectares) 19 855 33 079 Fire--area burned (hectares) 149 533 40 652 1314 Fires--number (number) 2 298 1 124 338 Forest area certified (hectares) 21 600 640 26 324 043 26 287 730 Harvest (area) (hectares) 211874 183 985 158 651 Harvest (volume) (cubic metres) 18 855 000 14 725 000 Source: http://canadaforests.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) identified and collected in China in the late 1980s, feed on tamarisk until the plant is defoliated.
Neo has browned and defoliated Lygodium at all three sites, according to Boughton, and is now expanding to adjacent Lygodium-infested areas in the park.
The control avenue was heavily infested and practically defoliated by September.
The US forces finally fleeing South Vietnam, left behind them over 250,000 orphans, a smashed economy, defoliated farmland, burnt-out villages and, worst of all, millions of dead and injured civilians who were more or less invisible to American GIs.
This could happen, for instance, if a shade-loving plant were thrust into the sun after the tree growing above it suddenly defoliated in midsummer or, as happened last January, a tropical species was exposed overnight to freezing temperatures.
Trees were defoliated along the route the chemical traveled, and more than a thousand people ended up in hospitals for treatment of respiratory problems and skin rashes.
Defoliated trees are articulated with dense lines, monochrome silhouettes, or marbleized paper cutouts.
On a defoliated hill in Khe Sanh, she saw a marine attending a fallen comrade.
During spring 2002, a total of 55,798 acres of Pennsylvania forestland were defoliated by the gypsy moth.
Fungi specific to pines jumped ship to the nondefoliated spruces when the pine was defoliated," says Cullings.
Putting in several of each species of host plant, such as a border of parsley, helps eliminate the problem of one plant being completely defoliated by hungry larvae.
Fortunately most trees were not uprooted, but many were defoliated.
Four treatments (the number of leaves defoliated every week 0, 10, 15, and 20) were randomly assigned to pots and replicated four times in a randomized complete block design.