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Synonyms for defoliate

strip the leaves or branches from

deprived of leaves


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Goldwater had surely earned his reputation as a gunslinger with his proposal to use tactical nukes to defoliate Vietnam, his repeated calls to give NATO armies the right to use atomic weapons on their own, and his constant refrain that U.
The biggest contractor is DynCorp, of Reston, Virginia, which supplies and trains pilots for missions to defoliate illicit drug plantations deep in rebel-held territory under contract to the US State Department.
Military contractors, fearing that Harkin's effort could defoliate this well-watered money tree, have been going to Congress to argue that the merger subsidies are needed to help laid-off employees.
Although the caterpillars were voracious feeders, I never saw them defoliate a tree, such as one observes after the ravages of the gypsy moth.
Their studies show that as caterpillars defoliate a tree, the quantity and structure of the tannin in the leaves changes, becoming more deadly to the virus.
TCDD (tetra chloro dibenzo-dioxin) contamination in Vietnam originates from the armed conflict over the period 1961-1971 when herbicides were used to defoliate terrestrial forests and mangroves, to clear perimeters of military installations, and to destroy crops.
Rose slugs occasionally defoliate the plant (it has never been sprayed), but the plant immediately refoliates and continues in bloom.
Pesticides are sprayed by helicopter, just as the military used Agent Orange to defoliate jungles in Vietnam.
Mr Gates added: "They often completely defoliate complete hedgerows but they usually recover quite quickly.
The Hawthorn Moth is unusual in these parts and its appearance should be welcomed, even if it does defoliate a few trees.
Acid rain was going to defoliate the land and starve us.
Neo's larvae feed on Lygodium leaves and, in large numbers, can defoliate entire plants.
Is anyone with any knowledge of the wars in Laos and Cambodia really surprised a military which was able to defoliate vast tracts of Vietnam with Agent Orange and which is of course now even more technologically advanced, hasn't dealt massive blows to poppy cultivation or that there have been record harvests in recent years?
The veteran, Jonathan Haas, blamed his diabetes, nerve damage and loss of eyesight on exposure to clouds of the toxic defoliate, which the United States sprayed on Vietnamese jungles, that drifted out to sea, engulfing his ship and landing on his skin.
Hackworth, twice married with five children, died in Tijuana, Mexico, while being treated for cancer, which could have been caused by exposure to chemical weapons used to defoliate Vietnam