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a chemical that is sprayed on plants and causes their leaves to fall off

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Jon Mitchell, 39, from Sand-fields, Swansea, has for many years covered the alleged existence of the toxic defoliant on Japan's Okinawa island and issues surrounding US military bases there.
However, some people might not realise that Canada itself was a major producer of chemical weapons and defoliants in the 20th century.
Swansea-born Jon Mitchell, pictured, has made allegations on Japanese TV and in publications including the Japan Times that defoliants including Agent Orange were buried in Okinawa following the conflict and that they continue to pose a massive threat to health.
The US compensates its veterans exposed to the defoliant but not Vietnamese nationals and a lawsuit against US manufacturers was dismissed in 2007.
The defoliants were sprayed over vast swathes of jungle in South Vietnam in an attempt to flush out Viet Cong communist guerrillas by depriving them of tree cover and food.
asp) the issues faced by servicemen exposed to the defoliant, it has been reluctant to confirm that up to 4 million Vietnamese were also affected by the toxic chemicals, alleging that other environmental factors could be to blame for their health issues.
The incumbent will develop an imaging system that can perform remote sensing operations on the agricultural aircraft and the ground on-the-go platform, which will fuse the information from visible and near infrared (VNIR) imagery, thermal imagery and measurements of field variables such as soil texture, crop water stress, the effects of plant damage from off-target herbicide drift, and plant vigor to determine where to apply growth regulators and cotton defoliant.
Agent Orange is a defoliant containing dioxin that the US used during the Vietnam war.
Introduced by French colonists, and soon exploited by international businesses including the French tire company Michelin, Vietnamese rubber trees were decimated by Agent Orange, a substance used by the American military as a defoliant in an attempt to deprive the Vietcong of ground cover.
My ephemeral office was a former war zone and our camp had no trees because some 40 years earlier it had been stripped bare by that destructive defoliant, Agent Orange.
One form of dioxin was in Agent Orange, the defoliant used by U.
In his bookAgent Orange on Trialpublished by Harvard University Press, Peter Schuck reported that companies who manufactured the defoliant knew Aoas early as 1952Ao that deadly dioxin had contaminated the chemical.
In his book Agent Orange on Trial published by Harvard University Press, Peter Schuck reported that companies who manufactured the defoliant knew "as early as 1952" that deadly dioxin had contaminated the chemical.
But preliminary studies with cut flowers, reported by Reid and co-researchers in 2000, showed that smaller doses of the defoliant extended the life of alstroemeria leaves.