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Available new technologies will include a heated steering wheel for winter driving, powered extendable seat cushions, automatic defogging of the windshield and ventilated front seats.
A window may also be opened, if necessary to speed up defogging the windows.
Defogging Your Mirror Next time, clean your bathroom mirror by smearing shaving cream over the surface and then wiping it off with a clean cloth.
The latter system features two modes: hybrid A/C provides more fuel efficiency, and the normal mode pumps out maximum cooling and enhances defogging when needed.
See Steve Charnovitz, Free Trade, Fair Trade, Green Trade: Defogging the Debate, 27 CORNELL INT'L L.
while a flick of a switch activates a defogging system that keeps the mirror crystal clear even in the steamiest bathroom.
today announced preliminary results of a new clinical study evaluating the effectiveness of FloShield Air versus a common method of heating and defogging a laparoscope.
And if that is not enough, the Optima has features previously never available on a Kia, including a top end Infinity 12-speaker sound system, leather heated and cooled ventilated seats, cornering lights, plus an automatic cabin defogging system along with a six-speed automatic transmission that is among the most advanced in the industry.
Self-parking, heated and cooled seats, cornering lights and an automatic cabin defogging system are all available.
See generally Steve Charnovitz, The Environment Versus Trade Rules: Defogging the Debate, 23 Envtl.
Finally, Cohu's real-time defogging capability produces enhanced images in obscured haze and foggy conditions commonly encountered in surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.
Among the luxury features offered on a Kia for the first time are a high-end Infinity audio system with a whopping 550W of power through a dozen speakers plus a boot-mounted subwoofer, self-parking, heated and cool-ventilated seats, cornering lights, a panoramic sunroof, reverse parking camera and an automatic cabin defogging system.
The Si7005 sensor is ideal for applications that monitor or control humidity and temperature including automotive climate control and defogging, HVAC, refrigeration, weather stations, food processing, printers, asset tracking, and medical instruments such as nebulizers, oxygen concentrators and respiratory therapy equipment.
The dual-zone climate controls also incorporate an automatic defogging system, which detects humidity levels using a sensor and activates the system accordingly.
Humidity and temperature sensors are used in the automobile industry: For adapting fuel mixtures, for controlling climate control systems or for monitoring the defogging of windscreens.