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free from mist


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The ST60 offers an expanded 4x optical zoom alongside new image effects and photo styles including normal, soft, vivid, forest retro, cool, calm, classic, negative, custom RGB and two new options: sketch and defog clear/fog lifting, which cuts through the haze to take clear photos.
In order to support the development of plastic backlites, freeglass has developed a new heating solution in order to defrost and defog plastic transparent components by integration of nearly invisible thin heatable wires.
If that prognosis waffles a bit, it's because the pilot leaves some question regarding how serialized the program will be, and a subsequent episode doesn't really defog matters.
Suited in gear similar to that of an egressing pilot, test parachutist candidate PR2(AW/PJ) Mark Cusimano attempts to defog his protective goggles before his jump.
In spite of clear evidence that growth is slowing and fears of recession have intesified, unless we can account for the unusual relationship between the yield spred and real activity since 1982, this latest reading from the yield curve may only serve to confound the outlook for the economy rather than helpign to defog our crystal balls.
A full-length panoramic sunroof that can both tilt and fully open is an interesting touch, as are two comfort-orientated technologies first fitted to the Hyundai i40: automatic windscreen defog and a heated steering wheel.
The messages urge the motorists to ensure that their brakes are working properly, to use the A/C to defog the windshield as well as to keep a safe distance from the car in front.
The team designed special surfaces inspired by natural solutions, including mosquitos, which can defog their eyes, and water striders, which keep their legs dry with tiny bristles that repel water droplets by reducing the surface area they contact.
Defog windows (allow time to defog or defrost completely before hitting the road).
6 square meter complex-shaped, heated windshields and the cab sidelites that de-ice and defog in winter providing the driver with excellent all-round visibility in any weather condition.
Step up to the Sport and there are 17in alloy wheels, automatic lights, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, climate control with auto defog as well as privacy glass.
Defog the car headlights, bathroom mirrors, or goggles in three easy steps.
My next indication of the rapidly deteriorating conditions was the seemingly locked defog handle.
The new i20 has also been fitted with a number of new technologies such as front and rear parking assist, heated steering wheel, static bending headlamps and automatic defog system that are firsts for a Hyundai vehicles of this class.