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an act that despoils the innocence or beauty of something

the act of depriving a woman of her virginity (especially by rupturing the hymen through sexual intercourse)

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Whether classical authors were aware of the hymen is unclear, though a likening of defloration to the breaking of a seal on a wine jug or the breaching of a city's walls implies the metaphor, even without the anatomical information (e.
She was assured that it is normal for virgins to experience mild to moderate discomfort during defloration.
84) Matrimony alone sacralized a woman's defloration,
Such forced defloration was a relatively common bed trick in the erotica of the time, and would likely not have seemed particularly violent to eighteenth-century readers, especially as many women in erotica were punished much more graphically.
Des lors que la victime de l'abus sexuel est un(e) mineur(e), le legislateur tend a alourdir les peines qui vont de 2 a 30 ans de prison, selon la nature de l'acte, c'est-a-dire s'il s'agit d'un attentat a la pudeur avec ou sans violence ou d'un viol, et en prenant en consideration les facteurs d'aggravation relatifs notamment aux consequences physiques de l'agression (s'il y a eu defloration ou pas), au statut socioprofessionnel de l'agresseur et aux liens de parente ou autres, qu'il entretient avec la victime", precise-t-il.
To portray menstruation, defloration, love-making, breastfeeding and motherhood with paranoid hostility is to put off many readers.
1612), Des hermaphrodites, accouchements des femmes, et traitement qui est requis pour les relever en sante & bien elever leurs enfants, oU sont expliques la figure du laboureur & verger du genre humain, signes de pucelage, defloration, conception & la belle industrie dont use la nature en la promotion du concept et plante prolifique, Rouen.
The reward for renouncing sex is not heavenly bliss, but an earthly defloration of which "Worms" are the agent.
Gonzalo never existed, but I've seen him in processions with priests and the whole bit, and women calmly singing obscenities behind him; he's the saint of defloration and consolation for lonely women
For David, sexual initiation in the form of an adolescent's defloration in Pamplona, Spain, turns to a formation in masochism: the burns the young girl inflicts on David's body with a cigarette arouse him more than phallic penetration.
The scene of sexual defloration takes place in a very small tent, with its flimsy canvas offering a fragile boundary between the inside space of intimacy which allows for an exploration of her sexuality, and the outside space of social and moral constraints and expectations, characterized in this instance by a neighbouring older female camper complaining to her husband that the young couple never come out of their hideaway.
Part 5 features studies of moral crimes in the courts (Elena Brambilla, Daniela Lombardi) and the relationship between seduction and defloration (Giorgia Alessi).
A later phase in the development of the female, the vengeful reaction to the narcissistic injury of defloration, is perhaps better suited to act as a digestive for the bitterly denied "penis envy," possibly Freud's most controversial formulation.