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a device intended to turn aside the flow of something (water or air or smoke etc)

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Because of these issues, many manufacturers have simply opted not to use deflectors.
46 m pigeon deflectors gut protection rail spikes steel niro 2 rows
in condition that deflector is installed on vertical face of first step below pseudobottom, it is seen that in a constant flow discharge with replacement of deflector in different points, although overlap is seen between results but energy loss increases than condition of not installing deflector, but have less efficacy on energy loss than deflectors type1 and type 2 -without comparision between different types of deflectors because of their different shapes.
The researchers add that the deflectors can be easily affixed to the blades of existing wind turbines.
Deflectors with optimal size openings were the most successful, as were those with multiple openings that were spaced appropriately.
The system achieves a three-way sort using a combination of air ejectors to remove foreign material and a deflector system to separate potatoes for rework from good potatoes.
The example they chose was designed and supplied by Blast Deflectors Inc, from Reno, Nevada, that specializes in jet blast and run-up noise protection.
The idea of improving channel flow was to be performed using sheet metal deflectors which would be mounted inside the S-channel, as its shape could not be widened or remodeled.
Exhaust deflectors aren't in the supply system, so you'll have to make one.
Fines also apply for not having a GB sticker, warning triangle or headlamp deflectors.
Wind deflectors make a massive difference to open-top cars, which in the case of the Saab 9-3 reduces turbulence by 75%.
Wind deflectors make a massive difference to opentop cars, which in the case of the Saab 9-3 reduces turbulence around occupants' heads by 75%.
The head's deflectors are optimized for minimum residence time and pressures.
Ten deflectors were positioned in the channel bends and at T-junctions were designed in order to make the flow more uniform along perpendicular sections of the channel.
The nut is fitted with solid pickup pins and deflectors, which guide the balls through the return system.