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5 times compare to deflections of the same dimensions beams with solid web.
The sensitivity of long-term deflections on effective cross-section thickness is deduced from Variant 8 and 9 respectively, in which the effective thickness is decreased and increased by 10%.
Thus an inner support structure was installed to reduce the deflection of the toe and increase the stability of the excavation.
The remaining part of this study is devoted to the development of a procedure based on the method of operator to find the inverse operator for the governing differential equation of the deflection of non-prismatic beams.
Smith and Watkins pointed out that the Iowa Formula was derived to predict the ring deflection of flexible culverts, and not as a design equation to determine the wall thicknesses of pipes.
Increasing the rise by cca 30% decreases the maximum principal tensile stresses, the deflections and the reinforcements by 23%, 34% and 20%, respectively.
The test results on the load and deflection properties of the specimens are reported in Table 2.
The RWD uses four triangulation lasers mounted on a rigid beam beneath a tractor-trailer to calculate the deflection produced by the trailer's dual-tire single axle.
Assuming a fully developed laminar flow through screen-supported parallel plate and channel supported air-to-air exchangers, it is found that deflections of the membrane will significantly alter the mass flow rate ratio for the supply and exhaust sides of an exchanger.
Brad Massey and the staff of Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline are thanked for their support in the use of their coordinate machine to measure plate dimensions before and after deflection.
The effects of RH level on creep deflections were pronounced in both southern pine PSL and yellow-poplar PSL.
Jaaskelainen also blamed bad luck for Wanderers' poor start, with two of those five goals down to deflections.