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a statistical factor designed to remove the effect of inflation

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The traditional way of forecasting inflation is to predict a single level and/or growth rate of the personal consumption expenditure (PCE) deflator (or other measure of inflation).
Corrado, Carol, Peter Goodridge, and Jonathan Haskel (2013) "Constructing a Price Deflator for R&D: Calculating the Price of Knowledge Investments as a Residual," paper presented at the UNSW Productivity Workshop, November 28-29 Sydney, Australia.
With respect to tonight's PCE deflator, the FOMC majority is seemingly not concerned with thelatest inflation readings.
As time passes, the effects of nonmonetary events (velocity) on the GDP deflator fade and the connection between excess-money growth and prices starts to predominate.
The PCE deflator is better than the CPI because it accounts for the price of goods and services changing as people's spending habits change.
The decline of the GDP deflator tends to give rise to expectations for a further continuation of Japan's easy monetary policy,'' said Masafumi Yamamoto, chief foreign exchange strategist at Barclays Bank.
An important distinction between pairing GDP with its deflator and pairing IP with the CPI is the extent to which products in the output index are matched to products in the price index.
During the period from 1983 to 1988, both forecasted inflation in the GNP deflator.
As the budget deficit is compared to GDP, the GDP deflator is therefore the relevant one for the budget.
Unless cars are fitted with tyre deflator detectors it is possible that a driver could be unaware that a tyre is punctured and potentially lifethreatening.
To me personally it is not important yet there are thousands who depend on this major tension deflator.
said Wednesday it will recall about 72,000 Scion tC sport coupes in North America to fix a possible problem with a moonroof wind deflator.
This Paasche deflator is calculated as the current observed value of output divided by the volume of output, where current quantities of output are applied to base year prices.
The specific inflation series that we model is the quarterly change (at an annual rate) of the core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) deflator, or the PCE deflator excluding its food and energy components.
As indicated in equation (1), the state-price deflator equals the state price divided by the probability of the state; in other words, it is the value of a unit payout in a given state conditional on the occurrence of the state.