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a statistical factor designed to remove the effect of inflation

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Based on the GDP deflator, the price level in Slovakia vis-a-vis the eurozone fell by almost 4 percent in the past three years.
The wedge between the value added and consumption deflators is largely driven by countries' external terms of trade since both consumption deflators include imported goods whereas the value added deflator includes only domestic production.
This article compares and contrasts BEA's GDP price index and implicit price deflator with the BLS CPI.
With respect to tonight's PCE deflator, the FOMC majority is seemingly not concerned with thelatest inflation readings.
As time passes, the effects of nonmonetary events (velocity) on the GDP deflator fade and the connection between excess-money growth and prices starts to predominate.
The PCE deflator is better than the CPI because it accounts for the price of goods and services changing as people's spending habits change.
Table 32, Table 35, Table 36, and Based on Department of Defense Price Deflator.
When specifying a VEC model with the second difference of DNFD and the first difference of the other variables, under both trend assumptions; changes in Ml, real GDP, and the deflator Granger cause changes in the first difference of DNFD at the 10% level and generally at the 5% level.
6 GDP deflator -- Memorandum items Harmonised index of consumer prices -- Private consumption deflator -- Unemployment rate -- General government financial balance (2) -- 2004 Percentage changes, volume (2000 prices) Private consumption 2.
Yosano also indicated deflationary pressure is nearing an end in the world's second-largest economy, saying the GDP deflator is close to zero if crude oil imports are discounted.
In light of this, we considered four measures of inflation based on four measures of the aggregate price level: 1) the GDP deflator, 2) the price deflator for the nonfarm business sector (NFB), 3) the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and 4) the price deflator for personal consumption expenditures (PCE).
The adjustment is calculated by applying the following deflators to the financial perspective (at 1999 prices):- A cumulative deflator of 6.
Under a dual-index method, a cumulative deflator index is computed, employing year-end FIFO costs, and then is used to determine base-year cost.
But even though the so-called GDP deflator - which measures changes in the prices of domestically produced goods - jumped to a 1.