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associated with or tending to cause decreases in consumer prices or increases in the purchasing power of money

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I should point out that there is one objection that David takes to apply to all deflationary accounts of truth, which is that in reality they are radically inflationary.
France has urged the European Central Bank and Germany to do more to act against deflationary risk.
Praet, who sits on the ECB's six-strong Executive Board, said the financial crisis had saddled the eurozone with a debt burden unique in Europe's post-war history because it has created a more deflationary environment.
He added that the yen's recent sharp appreciation may accelerate deflationary pressure by driving import costs lower.
Certain other seasonal merchandise--notably, cards, wrap, books and magazines--also experienced deflationary pressure during the quarter, as prices were reduced in response to the appreciation of the Canadian dollar.
There are positive supply shocks, which can have a transitory deflationary impact on measures of aggregate price changes, but just as with negative supply shocks like an oil price hike, so long as it is a relative price shift, it is not the central bank's concern.
In my view, there should be a much better understanding of the effect of deflationary pricing on the future of brands and categories by both parties.
Holding on to money and doing nothing with it is exactly what people do during a deflationary period.
Given that Japan is said to be in danger of falling into a deflationary spiral, I think that's an important proposal,'' Yamasaki told foreign journalists.
The second edition of that monograph, besides various minor revisions, includes a substantial postscript in which Horwich restates his deflationary account of truth and responds to the most recent criticisms of it.
Landlords saw an opportunity to catch up with inflation after a long deflationary period in the early 90's and raise prices - after all, there are few new buildings to speak of.
But actually, of course, that's a lot of deflationary posturing to level an opinion that finally confirms art-world consensus.
Motorola is experiencing deflationary currency-influenced price competition coupled with traditional industry price competitiveness and certain semiconductor industry segment slowdowns,'' the company said.
This development has been driven by lower long-term claims frequency trends and favorable short-term deflationary trends in paid losses for the more recent 2003-2005 accident years, particularly permanent disability medical costs, as a result of the recent legislative reforms in California.