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associated with or tending to cause decreases in consumer prices or increases in the purchasing power of money

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While this may be granted, but it is fully compatible with the claim that they have the same descriptive meaning or cognitive content, if one takes that line, then Horwich's views on truth become deflationary as much as it is possible, and turn out to be almost indistinguishable (or distinguishable only in minor technical details) from old redundancy theories.
There has been little hard evidence of gathering deflationary forces.
Fischer said, 'I don't think we're going to see a serious deflationary threat in the countries that are recovering reasonably.
Other price figures have raised the deflationary alarm recently.
If that happens, the deflationary pressure being felt right across the market will inevitably get worse.
You can see the worry in the Fed's insistence that a deflationary collapse cannot happen.
The fiscal 2001 Annual Report on Japan's Economy and Public Finance urged the BOJ to ''positively consider further measures to ease deflationary pressures,'' presenting a detailed look into expanding quantitative monetary easing as well as adoption of an inflation-targeting policy.
To rewrite Mars as M/ars is to make the deflationary, scatological, schoolroom joke: "Mars = m .
Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Hirohide Yamaguchi indicated Wednesday that there is no need at the moment for the central bank to further loosen monetary conditions as the Japanese economy is facing little risk of falling into a deflationary spiral.
From the macroeconomic perspective, the sum of household savings and net corporate debt repayment, which is the money that is entering the banking system but is not coming out to re-enter the income stream due to the lack of borrowers, constitutes the deflationary gap of the economy.
Unfortunately, the government has maintained a policy of fiscal consolidation in the past three years, which has simply added to deflationary pressures.
First, and definitely most important, is the deflationary spiral into which retailers and grocery suppliers now seem locked.
Although some politicians in the ruling coalition parties have been pressing the BOJ to take additional measures to prevent a deflationary spiral, the central bank has maintained the current policy since its Sept.
Zax, Chairman and President, said "Continued deflationary cost trends make rate reductions appropriate.
6 percent in June from a year earlier on lower energy and material prices and weakening domestic demand, the Bank of Japan said Friday, providing fresh evidence of increasing deflationary pressure in the recession-hit country.