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(geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of sand and dust and loose rocks being removed by the wind

a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of prices

the act of letting the air out of something

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Deflation is particularly brutal when there's a lot of debt in an economy.
Mike Watkins, head of retailer and business insight at Nielsen, said: "Retailers continue to use price cuts and promotions to stimulate sales, which is helping to maintain shop price deflation, and we see little evidence to suggest that prices will rise in the near future.
The risk of deflation is rising for the world's second-largest economy as a property market downturn and widespread factory overcapacity have been compounded by an uncertain global outlook and falling commodity prices.
This weakness in wage growth suggests that expectations about future deflation are already affecting wage setting behaviour.
Going forward, the expectation is that the eurozone will remain in deflation for the whole of 2015, despite the expanded Quantitative Easing (QE) adopted by the European Central Bank last Thursday.
New Zealand has not seen more than a quarter of deflation since the 1930s Great Depression.
Deflation, the opposite of inflation, is defined as an increase in the over-all price level over a period of time.
What would a Global Deflation then mean for the global economy?
The head of the central bank of Japan said that the nation is gradually escaping a prolonged period of deflation that has impeded economic growth, stifled investment and put downward pressure on wages.
Is the global economy on the cusp of a deflation era?
Deflation refers to the generalised negative change in the level of prices.
16 ( ANI ): International Monetary Fund chief has warned about the risks to global economic recovery of deflation.
Indeed, Cyprus and Greece are now experiencing outright deflation, while Ireland, Portugal, and Spain are all on the cusp of deflation.
The government acknowledged that Japan's prolonged deflation is on the verge of ending while maintaining its upbeat assessment of the overall economy for a second straight month in its monthly economic report for August released Thursday.
The Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS) said deflation in May 2013 of 0.