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brought low in spirit

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In some vehicles, the youths deflated all the tyres, while in long distance trucks, only the two front wheels were drained of pressure.
The traffic police station acknowledged that his men had deflated the car tyres.
WRECKED The aircraft's hull was ripped open and it automatically deflated
A deflated left-front tyre puts the greatest strain on a car's handling because in Britain we have clockwise roundabouts.
A spokesman for DreamWorks Lights said: "Due to a wind speed warning, Shrek has been deflated for the time being.
The build-up to Super Bowl Sunday, already a theater of the absurd, is going to set a new standard for silliness as people in costumes exhaust every conceivable double entendre related to deflated footballs.
The court heard it had not been deflated when Mr Cooke was in the process of using cutters to burn off the centre bolts which held the two split rims together.
HONG KONG -- The giant inflatable rubber duck which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since it sailed into Hong Kong two weeks ago was reduced to a sad deflated disc Wednesday in the city's harbor.
The general rule of thumb for inflatables is that they should be deflated in winds exceeding 25 mph.
Summary: Facebook's deflated stock is inching lower again.
This choice leads then in a straightforward way to a 'truly deflated' GMRes and to deflated QMR [28].
art Uncut inflated a 20ft balloon emblazoned with the message "U Pay Ur tax 2" - and 10 guards wrestled them to the ground and deflated the balloon.
Two models have been used to apply the regression for testing the relationship between the variables twice, in the first run the variables will be deflated by the book values of the firm at the end of the year as done in the study of El-Shami and Namerah (2006), in the second run the study variables will be deflated by the capitalization amount for each bank at the end of each year as done in the study of Hadi (2006).
Summary: Berlin, June 07, 2010, SPA -- The airline industry sought to banish two years of misery with an abrupt turnaround in forecasts today, but a plunging euro, scared markets and a shock new German tax proposal deflated the celebration, according to Reuters.