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Synonyms for definiteness

the quality of being predictable with great confidence

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His hazy awareness was no more than an awareness of something--which, by the way, corresponds very fairly with the hazy awareness of the average human of the mysteries of birth and death and of the beyondness about which they have no definiteness of comprehension.
But as he watched it grow in definiteness he saw that it was a coral reef smoking in the white Pacific surges.
They went their ways with great haste and definiteness, withal there was a curious indecision in their movements, as though they expected the buildings to topple over on them or the sidewalks to sink under their feet or fly up in the air.
Plato's doctrine of ideas has attained an imaginary clearness and definiteness which is not to be found in his own writings.
the other repeated, reaching his one talon into his side coat pocket with swift definiteness.
In speech and especially in literature, most of all in poetry, they were given to abstractness of thought and expression, intended to secure elegance, but often serving largely to substitute superficiality for definiteness and significant meaning.
There are faces that call your attention by a cu- rious want of definiteness in their whole aspect, as, walking in a mist, you peer attentively at a vague shape which, after all, may be nothing more cu- rious or strange than a signpost.
These directions, though they are by no means simple to carry out, seem at least to possess the quality of definiteness and straightforwardness.
Take, for the sake of definiteness, the remembering of a past event.
Apart from the fact that the sight of this happy and affectionate couple, so pleased with themselves and everyone else, and their well-ordered home had always a cheering effect on Levin, he felt a longing, now that he was so dissatisfied with his own life, to get at that secret in Sviazhsky that gave him such clearness, definiteness, and good courage in life.
In the light of the revelation she re-examined the married lives of all she had ever known, and, with sharp definiteness as never before, she saw where and why so many of them had failed.
Wonder may be expressed at a man in the position of a teacher of languages knowing all this with such definiteness.
It was a thought that made her shudder; it gave new definiteness to her present position, and to the tendency of what had happened the evening before.
This new hierarchy predicts that the properties related to the internal and structural complexity of the term (Term Hierarchy) are more determinant than the properties associated with grammatical operators such as definiteness, number and person (Definiteness > Person > Number) in the case of passive constructions, and these in turn take priority over those properties related to the referent of the terms (Entity-Concreteness / Animacy).
Interestingly, this unmarkedness indicates the indefiniteness of the object in the Finno-Ugric languages, whereas in the larger part of Samoyedic, its definiteness.