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the quality of being predictable with great confidence

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Western European languages usually express simple definiteness by means of definite articles.
5) This definiteness requirement forces inventors to delineate the metes and bounds of patent claims so that the public has sufficient notice as to which parts of the field remain open to future inventors.
Counterfactual definiteness is a rigorous definition of "reality"; it implies that there is a fact of the matter about events that have not occurred [7].
Providing the statutory hook for definiteness jurisprudence, the
T] factorization which assures positive definiteness of covariance matrix and provides numerical robust matrix update.
For definiteness the direction of angular velocity [omega]7 we set clockwise.
25) Moreover, definiteness cannot be expected to be provided by "wealth maximization" serving as the North Star by which to measure whether expectations are being fulfilled; wealth maximization as a norm is too incomplete to serve as a meaningful reference point of the parties' likely intent.
The Firm was most recently before the court in 2014, when we represented Biosig Instruments and the court set new precedent by adopting our proposed legal standard for patent definiteness.
Identifying those cases in which the last decision was made by a district court gives an opportunity to examine whether district courts as a group or the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit display noticeably different tendencies when deciding disclosure and definiteness issues.
4) Designing a and k guaranteeing the positive definiteness of the polynomial representation of V and W.
They address diachronic and synchronic evidence for the parameter of definiteness in Romanian, polydefinite DPs in Old Romanian, classified proper names, agreeing and non-agreeing genitives, differential object marking in the first original Romanian texts, DP configurations for supine-based nouns, object pronouns, Romanian diachronic data with adjectival small clauses, and restrictive and appositive relatives.
such as the written description and definiteness requirements.
Strict standards for written description, definiteness and claim construction all encourage clarity in drafting and advance the public notice function of claim limitations.
The Circuit agreed with us that the Supreme Court did not dramatically change course, when it clarified that the test for definiteness is reasonable certainty, and it confirmed that Biosig's patent is definite -- as we have argued all along.
various ways of marking objects of transitive verbs on the basis of semantic criteria such as animacy or definiteness.