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a determiner (as 'the' in English) that indicates specificity of reference

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In order to explain the use of the definite article she refers to the concept of "scenario.
1) The general intent behind these statements might be inferred, but for the moment--since we're talking first about grammar not psychology--I propose to put the questions of motive aside in order to examine the difference between the statements themselves and what they would mean if they appeared without the definite article that each of the statements cited include; that is, the common reference in each of them to "the Jews.
TOH A year after being pipped on Definite Article, you opted to ride Dr Massini instead of Zagreb, who won the race by six lengths under Pat Shanahan.
Most typically, and also most extensively in languages, the grammatical category is encoded in terms of a contrast between a definite article like the, and an indefinite article like a in English.
In the final section, some distributional differences between numeral phrases with--perani and English numeral phrases with a definite article are exposed.
In a dominant period spanning half a decade, Dermot Weld's tigerish son of Definite Article raced 29 times in five countries, two hemispheres - only finishing out of the first four on three occasions.
Back then, the website's initial iteration was limited to connecting Harvard University students, with the duo later expanding to Ivy League universities and dropping the definite article in its name to become 'Facebook.
The use of a definite article leaves the text open to interpretation that the restriction applies to the incumbent head of state only, thus allowing a former president to seek a third term of office after a pause, according to some experts in constitutional law.
1 The definite article (3); 2 Indicates source or cause (2); 3 Popular flowers (5); 4 The definite article (3); 5 Periods of armed hostility (4).
The great work by and about the great man was originally to be titled The Journey, but he thought this might sound a bit Christ-like, so he downgraded from the definite article to the indefinite.
The definite article is sometimes pronounced with names in the singular: "The Ivan we all love doesn't feel well.
I WASSLIGHTLY obsessed with Eddie Izzard's The Definite Article when I was in my early 20s.
As in English and many European languages, Hebrew has a definite article that is normally used when referring to one of the seven consecutive days within a week, namely, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, and so forth.
6) In possessive constructions with a singular, unmodified kinship noun the definite article is omitted with all persons of the possessive except the third person plural (loro) (mia madre, suo fratello, il loro figlio, le mie sorelle).
Note that example (2b) below has a specific reading when the definite article is used.