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a determiner (as 'the' in English) that indicates specificity of reference

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The phrase marked by a definite article in Greek (tu ithikologhu) is ambiguous between a specific/definite interpretation (OBJECT) and a kind-referring interpretation (QUALITY) and is in opposition to a form with the indefinite article which could have a specific/indefinite interpretation.
In British English, the definite article can be omitted after an appropriate preposition with a small number of names of institutions.
The prefix ha-, including its biform *han-, originally marked adnominal usage and developed into the definite article in various CS languages.
The choice is presumably dictated by the fact that, though he often says just Wille, he more frequently employs the definite article.
TOH A year after being pipped on Definite Article, you opted to ride Dr Massini instead of Zagreb, who won the race by six lengths under Pat Shanahan.
Judge Halpern noted that the phrase "tax required to be shown on a return" was a general qualification, since the indefinite article "a" was used, instead of the definite article "the," in the statute.
The highly eccentric aspects of Sceve's grammar and syntax - including his use of the definite article with singular nouns, the substantified infinitive, and the participle - would constitute a Scevian grammar that avoids temporality and particularization, putting the poet's experience in a linguistic realm that is not the mythification of language and lived experience but rather its suspension between the two realms of myth and history.
And there's a great story of his Irish Derby commentary when home hero Definite Article was pipped by French raider Winged Love.
Terescenko also explains that in another Northern Samoyedic language--Nganasan--in a number of cases the 2Px is used in the function of a peculiar, definite article, e.
For there is a conceptual, cultural, and, finally, moral issue that bears directly on antisemitism in the common linking of the definite article "the" and Jews--that is, in "the Jews.
The next step in IZZARD's evolution, DEFINITE ARTICLE, took him on the road for the first time, and marked his introduction to American audiences.
This machinery is neither novel nor untested, but it should be noted that our use of the elsewhere principle is morphological, choosing between two entries in the lexicon, rather than phonological, which would entail choosing between three surface forms, something we have argued to be untenable in the case of the definite article.
In morphology, Jastrow deals with the history of the definite article in Aramaic.
In Dressed To Kill, the immortal phrase "cake or death" came to life, while in Definite Article, the origins of a can of dog food left anyone watching with tears running down their faces.
Since Moses loaded his family on the ass (Exod 4:20, the definite article is in the Hebrew), Rashi concluded that it was the same ass Abraham had used at the time of the (near) sacrifice of Isaac and that the Messiah would use at the end of days (Zech 9:9).