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Synonyms for definite

Synonyms for definite

having distinct limits

known positively

Antonyms for definite

known for certain

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However, definite numerals in Purepecha suggest that, at least in some languages, definiteness markers surface only in projections higher than the noun itself.
Last year's heroine Definite Ruby carried just 9st 9lb to victory, while 2015 winner Mallards In Flight had just 9st 5lb on her back.
In classical analysis a complex valued continuous function is said positive definite (resp.
Niendorf and Voss [10] take advantage of the fact that all eigenvalues of a definite matrix polynomial can be characterized as minmax values of the appropriate Rayleigh functional and that the extreme eigenvalues in each of the intervals (-[infinity], [xi]),([xi], [mu]), and ([mu], +[infinity]]) are the limits of monotonically and quadratically convergent sequences.
We are asking for your patience because we could not give a definite time when we can restore power.
The reason for selecting these language groups is because each language is typologically very different: Spanish has definite and indefinite articles, and uses the definite article for plural and mass nouns in subject and object positions; Turkish only has an indefinite article; Japanese has no articles.
There is nothing definite until you get him on the field playing.
Migraine-specific drug prescriptions were filled by 11% of the individuals with definite migraine and 3% of those with probable migraine.
In her study on the development of the definite article in Germanic, Elisabeth Leiss argues that definiteness and aspect are two instantiations of one and the same linguistic category.
To understand it better, there is a good reason to observe non-possessive definite functions of the 3Px in the rest of Uralic languages.
A definite change occured in historical plays, as well as in the number and atmosphere of Catholic comedies and parodies.
Statistically, people with this history are at risk of developing definite MS over the next several years.
The indefinite is made starkly definite, the definite precariously indefinite.
Definite Software, owned by Jason Clifford, have been producing their own distribution of Linux which is based upon and compatible with RedHat version 6.
Schutte has pointed out the oddity of a Marxist like Cantimori giving so much emphasis to individuals, noting that one consequence of this distinctly anti-materialist approach was a mistaken periodization of sixteenth-century reform in Italy based on a definite turning point in 1541-42 when Catholic reaction began to recover both its confidence and its institutional footing, to the detriment of many free thinkers.