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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


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decide upon or fix definitely

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Such, I would submit, comes close to Greene's maverick but still definably Catholic understanding of how we are all ludic probationers in the hazard of existence.
Customary land rights in Africa are rights enjoyed by over half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa, 75% of whom are definably poor.
Church showcased a new set of songs and a new direction from the classical crossover genre which had brought her so much early success, into a more definably indie sound.
As definably Scottish as crude oil and excellence in football management, Kane is chatting animatedly about the re-emergence of the '80s soul popsters who scored a string of hits back in the day with the likes of Labour Of Love, Violently and Looking For Linda.
If we entertain Waugh's suggestion that metafiction "converts what it sees as the negative values of outworn literary conventions into the basis of a potentially constructive social criticism" (11), then Hollinghurst's reprise retains (structurally) the impetus of that postmodern project while reconciling it (stylistically) with his allegiance to a definably modernist moment--and modality--of innovation.
The Red Cross only uses volunteers aged between 18 and 21, even though the scenes that they witness are definably adult.
Wagner, 1995) and is archetypically perceived to be a separate and distinguishable entity, whereas in collectivist models, self and goals are construed to be an inseparable part of a family, a tribal group, or some other definably collective set (Markus & Kitayama, 1991; Petrova, Cialdini, & Sills, 2007).
Within a collection will exist the data records, which are definably familiar to current REED editors and users: the recorded data from a given record source for a single year.
stuff in my work that's definably Jewish is probably the stuff
These registers have much more in common, but at the same time, each register in definably distinct from others.
In these movements between the spiritual and the political, how might we name the region and type of thought, neither wholly secular nor definably religious, that our three figures in this essay express?
The championship now has a new look becoming a single-class series and is definably the time to see an Arab racer shine in Formula racing.
But one thing is definably certain: advanced manufacturing will be the key to the longevity and success of many Regional Detroit manufacturing companies.
All three figures are dressed in definably middle-class clothing, including caps, suspenders, jackets, vests, and ties.