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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


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decide upon or fix definitely

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In the present state of our understanding what is text is somehow definably not other; what is other is still not text.
While these roles are definably different, both tend to focus on operations rather than direction, on management rather than leadership, on efficiencies rather than value.
The main difference seems to be that the contractarian approach attempts to stay within a definably "economic" framework where many of the aspects of reality discussed in terms of competences are translated into cost constructions.
The system is definably different, visually different and physically it feels different.
Only the sacred groves marking the ancestral centre of each land and patrician are definably 'out of bounds', and this is not because any particular taboo (tabu) marked them off but because they are felt to be dangerous, scary places.
The cells are obtained from embryos created at in vitro fertilization clinics and so far do not seem definably different from the primordial cells from which an entire individual is created.
So long as the kinds of concerns summarized by those terms can be intelligibly expressed, an argument can be made that we remain definably modern in our penal mentality.
Sarfraz while praising Saeed Ajmal said Ajmal would definably trouble the Sri Lankan batsmen.
Church showcased a new set of songs and a new direction for her, into a more definably indie sound.
Church, who released her last album Back To Scratch in 2010, showcased a new set of songs and a new direction for her, into a more definably indie sound.
But if he gets along to The Sage tomorrow, he might just get in touch with his English roots and realise there's something definably English about the English Ground show.
They suggest that the 'punitive framework of fundamentalist Christianity' has been influential: 'We think it possible that child abuse as a pathology arises as much from that cultural tradition as from anything definably Polynesian' (1989: 129).