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capable of being defined, limited, or explained

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But the artistic temperament was far from explaining him; there was something else about him that was not definable, but which some even felt to be dangerous.
There had to be a disposal of an identifiable part of the business which on its own was separately definable.
Specifically, critical mass theory suggests once a definable group reaches a certain size within an organization, group interactions transform the organization's culture.
From a theoretical point of view, it has many remarkable properties: 1) it admits quantifier elimination [1]; [19]; [20] and therefore it is decidable, 2) given a formula on the expansion of the structure obtained by adding the function which to each integer assigns the maximal power of 2 which divides it, it is decidable whether or not it is definable by a Presburger formula over N, [18]; the claim of a polynomial time algorithm can be found in [17].
Features include user definable access levels, a list of user definable favorite tests for easy test selection, and more.
TWo of the major challenges arc proprietary protocols and lack of standardization, and a definable customer value proposition
To reduce board space, the VSC120 provides on-chip fan speed monitoring and PWM control, and up to 34-bits of user definable general purpose I/O with eight external interrupts.
The following are the key features of e-ordermix: definable user roles, three user definable search categories, variable pricing, multiple security levels catalog with optional pictures, e-mail confirmation detail page per item, customer reporting user managed inventory, order tracking RFQ options with upload and secure socket layer (SSL) processing.
1, which provides several new capabilities, including expansion of accruals and tracking of vacation, holiday and sick leave based upon user definable parameters; magnetic media capability; interface for the optional MICR encoding module to encode and print payroll checks on blank safety stock; automatic signature capability in the MICR encoding module; interface for various popular time and attendance modules; and an interface to WinFiler Plus to automate the reporting for state and federal requirements.
He examines in his first chapter the essays and slave narrative traditions offered by David Walker, Henry Bibb, and Frederick Douglass, which, he says, provide a "clearly definable black body" in a "clearly definable black community.
Most software developers promote their new technologies attempting to set themselves apart from their competitors with new advanced feature sets like user definable fields, pop-up windows, hot-keys, improved menu system etc.
Let us now move on to the paradoxes in Ramsey's Group Bi, the definability paradoxes, and recall that something is definable iff there is a (non-indexical) nounphrase that refers to it.
A higher level version of the system is also offered with such extended features as automatic signatures (up to a user definable limit), logos and background shading and account auditing and is available for $5,400.
Elastic, loss and complex torque or modulus measurements may be made at user definable conditions of temperature, strain and frequency.
QM tools include instrument check with definable temperature, weight and tolerance levels, three-level password protection and instrument qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and MQ) with log book.