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capable of being defined, limited, or explained

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HMRC did not consider that this sale amounted to the disposal of a separately definable business.
The taxpayer argued that there were effectively nine separate businesses and that the sale was of a definable separate part of those businesses.
In the remainder of his book, Reid-Pharr depicts how antebellum Black American novelists--William Wells Brown, Frank Webb, Harriet Wilson, and Martin Delany--troubled these tendencies for a stable and clearly definable black subjectivity, devoting a chapter to each author.
Similarly, a "state-of-the-art" management system may offer more detailed information, user definable fields, menus and custom reports, which on the surface are quite attractive but in reality burden you and your staff with additional input and ongoing updating.
QM tools include instrument check with definable temperature, weight and tolerance levels, three-level password protection and instrument qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and MQ) with log book.
Innovative QM tools include instrument check with definable temperature, weight and tolerance values, three-level password protection and instrument qualification with log book.
This event brings together the works of book artists who have pushed the limits of what is definable as a calendar.
Caterpillars featuring the latest technology are offered for haul-off speeds up to 100 m/min, at precise and definable haul-off power and the best adjustment possibilities of the pressing forces for soft, medium hard and hard products.
RFID is a solid technology that we believe in and that will allow us to offer solutions to untapped security markets, where we know customers are experiencing a definable pain.
A one-hour lecture at the plenary session titled "Software Definable Systems: Past, Present and Future", will be given to an audience of approximately three hundred participants.
Panfilov's presentation will illustrate that software definable radio systems in general, and true software radio systems, in particular, have started "to build bridges" instead of "erecting walls" between different cellular, base stations, radio, GPS, and cable set-top box systems, solving the interoperability problems that have plagued these systems to date.
The primary criteria for judging were the delivery of significant and definable business benefits, together with the innovation and originality of the solution.
Enter a new paradigm, "SDR": software definable radio.
User definable views - users can now decide how information they are searching and analyzing is displayed and sorted on their screens.