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Synonyms for define

Synonyms for define

determine the essential quality of

give a definition for the meaning of a word

determine the nature of

show the form or outline of


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decide upon or fix definitely

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This shows that (row)-rank finiteness is a much weaker assumption than any definability assumption.
Subjects covered include the structure theory of various notions of degrees of unsolvability, algorithmic randomness, reverse mathematics, forcing, large cardinals and inner model theory, with papers on such topics as the strength of some combinatorial principles related to Ramsey's theorem for pairs, absoluteness for universally Baire sets and the uncountable, modaic definability of ordinals, eliminating concepts, rigidity and bi-interpretability in hyperdegrees, fundamental issues of degrees of unsolvability, a "tt" version of the Posner-Robinson theorem, and prompt simplicity, array computability and cupping.
To create a sustainable relationship, the partners must, at the very least, critically review the catalog of success factors (1) presented in the study (clear definability, stable demand, low substitution risk, flexible contract structuring, little chance of a project's becoming a political issue)", Schmidt adds.
And yet because of its definability and sourcing usually through a pharmacy benefit manager, the prescription drug plan is a realm where employers have recently had success wading into the mix and helping to put some breaks on the acceleration of costs, while still providing an affordable and highly valued perk to their workers.
Both of these components focus on the predictability and definability of the task at hand.
The compulsory liberal denial of the definability of a culture different from others, just as postmodernism's rush to reject cultural identity, traditions, myths, origins, results in "a cynicism towards traditions which effects a withering act of cultural deracination'.
4) He had published several works of philosophy and theology, had founded a religious congregation, and had been appointed by Pius IX as one of the consultors regarding the definability of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
The product architecture, support for integration to legacy systems, ease-of-use, definability, scalability, and Web support were important factors in our assessment of potential partners.
Aspect defines the geometrical character of an event, stating its definability with regard to line and point rather than its position in an absolute time scale or in time as broken up by the moving present of the speaker.
To further complicate this definability problem, seafood quality lies in the eye of the beholder.
It stands out from other software options in the market by providing the operator full control and definability of complete Test Plans and reports versus just controlling the AC Power Source.
20) The idea of God itself defies definability and comprehension and must be understood as either a limit concept (as in Kant), the most radical possibility, the possibility of impossibility (as in phenomenology), or the first existent and the highest degree of substance, of course by way of analogy (as in metaphysics).
Definability and the Structure of Logical Paradoxes, HAIXIA ZHONG
Now, I have argued that this view of form is inconsistent with both: (i) PD taken with the definability and form, and with (ii) Aristotle's claim that at most an efficient cause is needed to account for unity.
The other topics are applying fuzzy linear programming in engineering, a new consensus scheme for multi-criteria group decision making under linguistic assessments, the mathematical basis of periodicity in atomic and molecular spectroscopy, second-order definability in a model, mathematical models of managing quality of service in communication networks, and an imaginary cubic oscillator and its square-well approximations in x- and p- representation.