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Synonyms for defile

Synonyms for defile

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

to spoil or mar the sanctity of

to deprive of virginity

Synonyms for defile

a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)


place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

spot, stain, or pollute

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Essentially, those modern commentators who cite the Talmudic dispute as to defiling the hands to "prove" the late dating of the closing of the canon do so because it seems easy to argue that this dispute must be about membership in the canon, since nothing else, in their opinion, unites these three works with regard to the status of defiling the hands.
AGE 44 JAILED 25 years for murdering and defiling corpse
The South West Seme Chief Michael Odhiambo Oluoch had been charged with defiling the orphan who stayed with her grandmother in June 2015.
ALSO READ: Man, 57, jailed 14 years for defiling 4-yr-old stepdaughter
By MARY WAMBUIAn officer accused of defiling a minor at Gatundu police station has been detained at the facility for five days.
The man was charged with violent indecent assault and defiling a minor near the town of St Julian's on the night of April 19.
Even people on his payroll say what he did was reprehensible and defiling to the presidency.
A Kiambu police officer was charged on Wednesday with two counts of defiling a 15-year-old who was in his custody.
By IRENE MWENDWAAn assistant chief in Marsabit County accused of defiling his daughter has been released on a bond of Sh 500,000 and two sureties or a cash bail of Sh 400,000 after he denied the charges.
Messing with my wife's vegetable garden is tantamount to defiling a church or synagogue.
A primary school head teacher was on Thursday charged at a Bungoma court with defiling his 14-year-old stepdaughter.
Initial investigations later revealed that the man had abducted the girl and had been defiling her.
A retired education official was arrested in Marakwet East on Wednesday for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old girl.