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a person or organization that causes pollution of the environment


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Pourquoi pas, un trottoir servant mieux qu'une boutique pour faire defiler les robes de soiree et de mariees
There's Sean Astin, best known for his role as hobbit Samwise in aACAyThe Lord of The Rings' trilogy; English actor Warwick Davis, who plays Charms Master Professor Filius Flitwick in the aACAyHarry Potter' films and also the title character in the aACAyWillow' film series; Manu Bennett, best known for his role as Crixus in TV series aACAySpartacus' and Azog the Defiler in aACAyThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'; Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd, known for his role as Mister Fantastic in the aACAyFantastic Four' films and Alan Tudyk, star of films such as aACAyDodgeball: A True Underdog Story', aACAyI, Robot' and TV series aACAyFirefly'.
Others including the Defiler 38 have introduced a stylish curved veneered interior which not only looks good but has practical advantages as well.
D'entree de jeu je voudrais exprimer mes remerciements d'abord a vous, Madame la Presidente, pour avoir si genereusement rappele les points saillants de ma carriere si bien que j'eus comme l'impression de voir defiler ma vie en un eclair, aux membres du comite Tremaine a qui je dois d'etre cette annee le laureat de la medaille Tremaine et du prix Watters-Morley, a tous les membres de la societe pour leur soutien indefectible et plus particulierement aux amis et collegues qui i mon insu ont pose ma candidature sans qu'ils m'en glissent le moindre mot
Khalid Bekkaoui's "White Women and Moorish Fancy in Eighteenth-Century Literature" traces the emergence of the trope of the Arab defiler of Christian virginity, which he sees as a reflection of "the imperial anxieties" (166) of Europe in that era.
On a l'impression de voir les Montrealais defiler dans la boutique de l'apothicaire pour discuter du projet et de ce qui se passe en ville.
The attacks repeat the standard litany of slurs and slanders against Kennedy - a murderer (Chappaquiddick, of course), a marriage defiler (support of same sex marriage), a race baiter (support of affirmative action), illegal alien defender (support of immigration reform), flag burning desecration (staunch support of First Amendment protections), Constitution usurper (support of expanded hate crimes laws), and a baby killer (pro choice).
Meme s'il accedait a notre humanite, le sauvage etait apprehende a travers l'univers de l'imaginaire et de la folie, vetu de plumes et le visage peint, et pouvait defiler dans le cortege du Carnaval.
Whether Murieta--or Robin Hood or Billie the Kid or Clyde Barrow--was a defender or defiler of the innocent, whether he was valiant or villainous hardly matters.
Les ministeres n'avaient pas l'occasion ni la volonte de se defiler.
Bodwin is ignorant of two orbs of Aje and his role in uniting them, but when Sethe sees him approaching, she thinks the defiler has returned, again, to enslave, sully, and steal her "best thing," and she releases her Spirit Bird: "She hears wings.
According to this version of the past, humanity must commit Original Sin in order to progress in the world, and for Golding, we as modern humans need to confront within us the murderer, defiler, and our readiness to harm.
46) Il etait reste etendu le temps qu'aient fini de defiler a la television Mickey, Tom et Jerry et un troisieme dessin anime dont il avait oublie le nom.
Certaines manifestations ont meme atteint des records insoupconnes de mobilisation sur des publics pourtant peu habitues a defiler dans la rue.