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Synonyms for defile

Synonyms for defile

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

to spoil or mar the sanctity of

to deprive of virginity

Synonyms for defile

a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)


place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

spot, stain, or pollute

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The second category is taken to include instances of apparently non-physical bathing (such as cleansing by God), references to "moral" or other types of defilement, as well as allegorical explanations of ritual bathing such as those put forth by Philo (pp.
The clinging to the jar is the clinging to the self, defilement cannot fall on anything because there is no jar, no water.
So the key word is that "my", the keyword is not greed, anger, or defilement.
Nowhere is this system of symbolic power more evident than in the defilement of violating sexual taboos.
From a psychological perspective, Nirvana does not mean the annihilation of the self but its transformation: "liberation from the mental defilements of craving, ill will, and delusion" (p.
She should be content with what he has and try to reduce his defilements.
it is with us as it is with young Infants that would lye in their defilements, if their Mothers did not make them clean, and so would wee even wallow in the defilements of sin, if God did not cleanse us, therefore admire Gods love and mercy towards us.