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Synonyms for defiled

Synonyms for defiled

morally blemished


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One year ago, the world cringed in horror as, on Purim eve, another suicide bomber took the lives of 13 Israelis and defiled Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center with the bloody costumes of children.
Then, returning to the temple from battle, the Maccabees discovered that the jars of oil for the menorah had been defiled by the enemy, making them unusable, he said.
The eight-night-long festival dates back more than 2,000 years, Mendel said, to a period when Israel was dominated by Syrian rulers and Jewish religious practices were outlawed and temples were often defiled.
Not content with killing Lily Smyth, you defiled her body.
Under Antiochus IV, the religious nerve center for the Jewish people, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was ransacked and defiled.
With twisted logic they not only assaulted America but they defiled their own Islamic religion, a venerable religion whose ages-old precepts have always been peace and love.
Pervert David Murray preyed on young orphans he was supposed to look after and even defiled his own foster sons.
Twenty-four hours after the Trail Blazers had insolently defiled the Lakers' championship veneer like garden-variety taggers, Jackson didn't try to whitewash the damage.
Now the sponsors are saying nothing, but officials at Twickenham are acutely embarrassed that the Cup has been defiled in this first season of a four-year deal.
One said: "It feels like their resting place has been defiled.
The pictures of the many children that have been so terribly defiled, some still toddlers, are too awful to contemplate.
Although they'd seen synagogues burned and Torahs defiled, neither was prepared for Auschwitz.
Had he allowed the youngsters to report these crimes to police he could have spared dozens of other children who were defiled by this monster.
It was appalling to see the baby's tiny body defiled in this way.
St Luke's Church, a symbol of people's respect to Liverpool's Blitz, is now defiled, boldly displaying one of Yoko's posters.