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the arrangement of defensive fortifications to protect against enemy fire

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This flexibility provides today's dismounted troops with more options to meet changing tactical situations --from neutralizing armoured vehicles or enemy troops in defilade, to clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in built-up urban areas.
The XM25 is a Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, which has an onboard laser system that determines the distance to the target.
The second advantage was that mortars could engage targets in the defilade with plunging fire.
Soldiers in counter insurgency operations such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan are often attacked by forces in defilade positions--from behind cover.
Driver actions are used to move through obscurants, return to defilade, and seek alternate positions.
the chassis middle is in frame defilade, with the ends--the tabs--sticking up like a curved hot dog sticking out of a straight bun (but without the ketchup and mayo).
Nancy Petticot's sudden but short dream fell into the defilade portion of the meadow when ball and player came together.
The landscape was desolate and barren and marked with hull defilade armor fighting positions and troop trenches.
In fog, darkness, or defilade, other Germans will recognize this man as their own and not shoot at him.
What self-protection measures are needed if the enemy employs advanced standoff systems to fire from defilade to defilade with highly accurate seekers like those employed in our own deep attack systems?
2 miles to 4-9 miles) and can attack targets behind hills and in defilade.
To that end, a dovetailed bracket was milled into the left side of the receiver to accept a dial sight for defilade fire and coverage of multiple, pre-selected fire zones.
Unfortunately, a T80 in good defilade destroyed half of the company's Strykers while enroute.