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Synonyms for defy

Synonyms for defy

to confront boldly and courageously

to refuse or fail to obey

to call on another to do something requiring boldness

Synonyms for defy

resist or confront with resistance

elude, especially in a baffling way



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The military is moving from the old, monolithic, bounded Red Zone of the Cold War to a huge, diffuse, and diverse Red Zone that is hardly monolithic and defies containment, said retired Navy Vice Adm.
He explains the creative-thinking process of these competitors and defies the assumption that genius is born, not made.
As she defies an unheralded magician, she discovers the strength of her own powers.
But then, it defies imagining that the Bishop of Calgary would cast his lot with the likes of Margaret Atwood and June Callwood.
Hence, my company is an awesome example of a black-owned firm that unequivocally defies the proverbial myth.
Students will be broadly exposed to a field that defies, and should continue to defy, canonical definition and the imposition of restricted boundaries.
More Than 400 from Across Country Fly In to Booming Coastal Georgia; Striking Success at Liberty Harbor in Brunswick Defies National Market Trends
Re ``Boxer defies her own 'mainstream' label'' (Viewpoint, April 4):
This situation defies our sense of reality," say Christopher Monroe, a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo.
Varying from lo-fi classical pieces with jazz chord structures to glitch and IDM-influenced micro-rhythmic, introspective, electronic tone poems, BT utilizes hand-designed digital instruments alongside a broad range of analog musical instruments to create a work that defies classification.