deficit spending

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spending money raised by borrowing

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Each time the Federal Reserve and federal government step on the gas of the economic bus through interest rate cuts and deficit spending, the gas leaks out of the line.
History demonstrates that absent permanent structural change to how Congress conducts business, there will be an immediate snap-back to deficit spending and entitlement expansion.
Washington's irresponsible deficit spending must be brought under control.
John Maynard Keynes, dead since 1946, was an economics don at Cambridge University who during the Great Depression advocated deficit spending by national governments to counteract unemployment.
Although separate skirmishes publicized deficit spending, the ideological issue was governmental activism; and as for policy, by the late 1930s tax reform had replaced deficit spending as the focus of business attacks on the New Deal (backed by a well-funded lobbying campaign, and with their numbers strengthened in the 1938 midterm election, congressional conservatives succeeded in rescinding the graduated corporate income tax and the undistributed profits tax by 1939), a configuration of battle lines recognizable today.
Djankov was happy to report 3 straight quarters of economic growth, a reduction in the deficit spending down to roughly 2.
Now, three decades later, Democrats have changed their minds about the dangers of deficit spending.
Some experts expect deficit spending will become a more significant portion of GDP as the year progresses.
The US administration's attempt so far to counter the financial crisis has hinged primarily on intense deficit spending.
But Germany, Europe's biggest economy, has been strongly critical of the Prime Minister's deficit spending plan.
That leaves an extra $15 billion to paper over the governor's deficit spending and borrowing spree for the next couple of years.
To remain in the IMF program through 2006, Nicaragua must keep deficit spending to 1.
The economy only began to go downhill when the drip was cut back by the Hashimoto administration's foolish promise to cut deficit spending to zero.
Now, with Republicans in control of both the White House and Congress, the nation is headed for its biggest binge of deficit spending ever.