deficit spending

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spending money raised by borrowing

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The new administration's spending plans reverse the thrust of the Aquino administration to reduce deficit spending by just 2 percent of GDP.
Each time the Federal Reserve and federal government step on the gas of the economic bus through interest rate cuts and deficit spending, the gas leaks out of the line.
History demonstrates that absent permanent structural change to how Congress conducts business, there will be an immediate snap-back to deficit spending and entitlement expansion.
He discusses sovereign default probabilities and domestic and international risk transfers; political economy problems that arise in multi-level governments; rules to reduce deficit spending on the sub-national government level; the decision to provide financial bailout and its effect on the amount of deficit spending; the market for rating agencies and their business model; and the impact of fiscal policy variations on asset prices, using the example of Germany.
Although many conservatives still have faith in fiscal stimulus based on tax cuts, libertarians and Tea Partiers have condemned the very notion of stimulus spending, whether delivered through tax cuts or federal handouts, believing that government deficit spending must always make things worse.
If the government can't increase deficit spending then equilibriums break and we will have an economic crisis instead of development.
From the 1790s to the 1920s budgets were balanced except for recessions and wars, and the political elite was of one mind in subscribing to the normative injunction to avoid deficit spending.
Limiting deficit spending in a single year to a 2 percent of GDP maximum
Moody's has stated late last year that the US rating outlook remains stable, but that pressures, including entitlement programs and increased deficit spending during the recession, add to the likelihood of negative outlook.
Deficit spending is functional and necessary during times of broad economic recession and war.
We can only sustain deficit spending for so long," he said.
There are times in the business cycle when deficit spending is quite appropriate.
Now, three decades later, Democrats have changed their minds about the dangers of deficit spending.
Some experts expect deficit spending will become a more significant portion of GDP as the year progresses.
The US administration's attempt so far to counter the financial crisis has hinged primarily on intense deficit spending.