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stop the fibrillation and restore normal contractions, usually by means of electric shocks

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Although improvement has occurred, it is indefensible that not every nurse employed at the hospitals surveyed in 2008 is permitted to defibrillate using AEDs.
Grace, right, also has an extended role as a senior nurse and is authorised to defibrillate patients and administer IV drugs without supervision in an emergency, as well as make managerial decisions.
We were able to open his airway and defibrillate him within a minute or so.
Further, upon arrival at the scene, despite the fact that there was a defibrillator readily available in the vehicle, the responding personnel failed to even attempt to defibrillate the patient.
Fully automatic AEDs immediately defibrillate any shockable rhythm that is detected.
Intermediate energies that successfully defibrillate the patient and provide an adequate energy margin are determined in the verification procedure.
Understanding these effects may help us create better ways to defibrillate," he says.
I understand how important it is to defibrillate a person in cardiac arrest as quickly as possible to give them the best chance of survival.
Luckily, I came round seconds before my other half began attempting to defibrillate me with the business end of a George Foreman Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grill.
What happens when you defibrillate a heart," Chief O'Donnell said, "is that is when the heart is in fibrillation, it's shaking; the chambers aren't firing in a coherent pattern.
The sooner we can defibrillate somebody the greater the chance of survival.
The doctor in charge said we would defibrillate once more before pronouncing him dead.