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Synonyms for defiantly

in a rebellious manner

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But they jeered defiantly, for they knew it was in my power to luff the helm and let go the main-sheet, so as to spill the wind and escape damage.
Another pause, and then defiantly, "Well, man," he said, "I'll let ye in;" and he disappeared from the window.
Mr Pickering relit the stump of his cigar defiantly and smoked in long gulps for a while.
He asked himself who Keggs was, anyway; and replied defiantly that Keggs was a Menial--and an overfed Menial.
By: Mahmoud Oraby CAIRO -- 19 November 2017: You probably see 'Mahshi Warak Enab' or 'Koshari' and you think these are defiantly Egyptian dishes because of how popular they are in Egypt, but you will be surprised at their real origins.
The songs are strong, the acting impressive and the finale defiantly feelgood.
He said that the historic victory of Lords would defiantly boost the cricket in Pakistan and also start the new chapter and chain of victories in future.
Jeremy Corbyn defiantly continued to cling on as Labour leader yesterday in the face of fresh calls to quit and another frontbench resignation.
There are numerous examples of public office holders who during their tenures amassed billions openly and defiantly through unfair means and yet continue to enjoy protocol, no questions asked.
Summary: The Iraqi Shiite leaders are trying to send the National Guard forces to Kirkuk, and Hadi al- Ameri, prominent Shiite leader and head of the Badr Army, has recently threatened to send the forces into the city defiantly.
Yes, it's a defiantly old-fashioned, studio-based sitcom about an eccentric, clumsy character who mangles their words and generally causes mayhem.
While Mordecai's gaze often falls on difficult and painful realities, she defiantly embraces the joy and musicality of language to define these realities.
BLACKBURN 1 Dann (72) WEST BROM 2 Morrison (52), Odemwingie (89) UNDER-fire Blackburn boss Steve Kean remained defiantly upbeat after his side were beaten 2-1 by West Brom at Ewood Park.
Summary: Syrian President Assad defiantly vowed to fight and die if needed as an Arab League deadline to stop its lethal crackdown on protesters expired with 20 more people killed.
Summary: Businessman Herman Cain has defiantly denied the sexual harassment allegations against him.