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Synonyms for defiantly

in a rebellious manner

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You seem to speak with some peculiar meaning, sir," said Lydgate, rather defiantly, and keeping his pencil suspended.
Each of the vegetable folks bore a branch covered with sharp thorns, which was thrust defiantly toward the horse, the kitten and the piglets.
Some men ran so hastily that they tumbled over one another, while others, more brave, assembled in a group and faced the intruders defiantly.
The Witch looked at Glinda defiantly, but said not a word.
He was a splendid looking fellow, resplendent in the gorgeous trappings of an Odwar, the five brilliant feathers which denoted his position rising defiantly erect from his thick, black hair.
Captain Doane would shrug his shoulders and defiantly meet the mistrustful eyes of the Armenian Jew.
They laughed defiantly, and those inside the cabin, the water up to their ankles, shouted back and forth with those on top.
She thrust her little chin out defiantly over her gray fur collar, and Bartley looked down at her and laughed.
Here was one who had contempt for brass- clothed power; one whose knuckles could defiantly ring against the granite of law.
And Polly locked the door, put the key in her pocket, and nodded at him defiantly.
There it was, the smack and slap of the spirit of revolt, of adventure, of romance, of the things forbidden and done defiantly and grandly.
The man breathed an unconscious sigh of relief, then laughed defiantly, and said, "Thin I'm thinkin' the damn bunk won't be achin' me back anny more, an' that's a consolation.
I can run an etiquette column as well as that idiot in the Family Guide, anyhow," said Dan defiantly.
He--he made me come here," she added, half defiantly.
Another pause, and then defiantly, "Well, man," he said, "I'll let ye in;" and he disappeared from the window.