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abatement of a fever as indicated by a reduction in body temperature

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A change in antifungal treatment to intravenous amphotericin B led to defervescence and clearance of fungemia.
In view of acute inguinal lymphadenitis, the child was started on intravenous cloxacillin but there was neither resolution of lymphadenitis nor defervescence of fever even after five days of antibiotics.
The first analysis detailed data from Study 9801, in which subjects treated with CIDECIN showed a trend towards faster mean time to defervescence (the return of elevated body temperature to normal)--one full day less than patients receiving the comparator agents.
She was empirically treated with doxycycline, and experienced prompt defervescence.
Another option is azithromycin, which has been shown to be equally efficacious to quinolones in uncomplicated typhoid fever (25) Even with appropriate antibiotic therapy, defervescence of fever in typhoid cases is delayed and classically takes 3 - 5 days.
Its extracts possess defervescence, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus activities and enhance immunity (9).
After defervescence, patients usually have thrombocytopenia, signs of hemoconcentration, petechiae, purpuric lesions, and ecchymosis.
The primary endpoint in the study is clinical efficacy-signs and symptoms; secondary endpoints are bacteriological efficacy and time to defervescence (normal temperature).
A remarkable feature of our patients' clinical course is the failure of IV vancomycin to prevent the development and progression of vertebral osteomyelitis due to MRSA, despite the in vitro susceptibility of the isolates and apparent clinical response of bacteremia with defervescence and resolution of leukocytosis.
Patients in both arms will be evaluated for clinical outcome, bacteriological outcome and time to defervescence (return of body temperature to normal levels).
One atypical patient with chronic paragonimiasis who also had preexisting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease did not notice much improvement in his chronic dyspnea after praziquantel treatment, but defervescence and a weight gain of 30 pounds represented a clear clinical response to therapy.
By hospital day 9, defervescence occurred in the patient, and 2 days later he was discharged to home.