deferred payment

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arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services


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The special assistant also noted that his ministry has sought Pakistan s central bank s opinion over Iran s generous offer of to provide 80,000 barrels of crude oil on three month deferred payment as the government wants the foreign exchange forwards covered by the State Bank of Pakistan against the import of oil from Iran.
Green Mountain will offer extended deferred payment arrangements to help low-income residential customers pay electricity charges coming due in the month of September.
the North American leader in European rail travel, announced its plans to offer a deferred payment option to those planning a European rail vacation this summer.
Commissioner,(54) the Tax Court followed Watson in holding that the taxpayer-seller's right to deferred payments under a sales contract that he had fully performed, together with a standby, nontransferable letter of credit securing the payments, constituted a cash equivalent.
Do deferred payment plans between unrelated parties have to be evidenced by a written contract?
These three changes - carers' assessments, deferred payment agreements, and greater consistency from every council - offer more clarity and control.
If the deferred payment date falls on public/bank scheduled or unscheduled holidays, then the contracts will be extended to the next business day and there will be no change in deferred payment price.
This will also include an automatic plan for interest-free deferred payments in installments over 24 months, as required by the resolution.
We have 285 people on the booKs and 98 of those have died owing part of their deferred payment.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The economist at the Ministry of Finance, Hilal al-Tn saw that deferred payment law will contribute in the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure due to wars and the economic embargo imposed on Iraq after the second Gulf War in 1991.
Basra demands its strategic projects within deferred payment procedure BASRA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Chairman of Basra Provincial Council called the Iraqi Cabinet to include main Basra strategic projects within deferred payment procedure, due to be voted by Parliament next Thursday.
The revised act also lowers the fine for deferred payment of employment stabilization fee to 0.
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari had also requested Kuwait to extend the deferred payment period from two months to six months during his visit to the country during May 2011.
As another way to assist its customers in counties directly affected by the wildfires in southern California, Encompass Insurance has implemented a deferred payment period that enable insureds in those areas to defer their premium payments beyond the dates reflected on their bills.
Deferred payment law will chain Iraq -- MP BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Middle Bloc MP Waleed Aboud stated today that the "deferred payment will chain Iraq for a longer period of time".
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