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showing deference

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The simulation is conducted for deferent values of impedances between mother's feet and ground such as:
In this procedure, approximately 1 cm of the deferent duct was removed bilaterally.
Homs, SANA -- A National meeting was held Thursday in Sakra town in the eastern countryside of Homs to enhance the national unity among the Syrian citizens of deferent spectrums.
After providing the extracts, plants were irrigated by the extract water of the wheat in deferent densities, based on the plant water need.
But surely even that is better than living in a deferent society which allowed little kids to be buggered.
5], une echographie des voies genitales profondes par voie transrectale, realisee a titre systematique dans l'exploration de cette infertilite et completee d'une IRM pelvienne, a montre une agenesie unilaterale isolee du canal deferent gauche dans la portion pelvienne.
He stressed the importance of activating the previous agreements between Yemen and Russia in deferent fields, welcoming the Russian investments in the fields of oil and gas in particular in addition to various fields.
The Right are particularly bitter about Konstantina Kuneva, not just because she is a woman and a migrant; but because she refuses to embrace the deferent role that these identities too often suggest.
Addressing a meeting attended by the heads of civil defense committees of deferent ministries, organizations, and provincial governorates this morning, the Iranian minister said that Iran should convert all it military defense systems to civil defense systems, so that the enemy would feel these centers out of its access; but even if we cover our nuclear sites with several layers of military defense systems, yet the enemy would have some hope to infiltrate these layers," underscored the minister.
Numerous spermatozoa were observed in the lumen of deferent duct using light microscopy.
Tiger, as per its promise, will meet the objectives of owners and buyers who are looking for deferent investment opportunities or to move into their homes without any delay.
Mosul / NINA / A force of the federal arrested 21 wanted men on deferent issues west of the city of Mosul.
For example, he firstly greeted him by his official title, followed with a polite greeting where the V form - the deferent form of the second person pronoun in Chinese [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--was applied.
Strong action must be taken against these people who, despite living in India, associated with the deferent terrorist organisations involved," he added.