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showing deference

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However, the unmarried hegemonically masculine females were careful to be deferent to (male) top managers--but not other males.
At the other end of the scale, meanwhile, the growth and deregulation of the Japanese financial sector was encouraging the arrival of a rather deferent sort of migrant: young, affluent, and educated, with origins either in the United States and Europe or in the prosperous Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore.
Tonga refused to sign the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty in August 1985, asserting that it could disrupt US nuclear defence, and has shown a deferent attitude to French nuclear testing.
subsection] a reduction in the amount of estate taxes exempt from deferent taxation.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Electrical Material In Connection With Maintenance Operation electrical installation And Fans In Deferent Type Of Qtrs At Service Centre 241 Havlock Square New Delhi
More then twenty candidates submit thier nomination papers of deferent parties as well as independent candidates want to contest the election.
Following the news of MQM workers death shops and petrol pumps started to shut in deferent areas of the city including Bahadrabad, Tariq Road and Shrifabad.
The holy Quran in deferent verses calls Muslim for supporting victim people for example says" why don't you fight for the sake of god and those victims who are oppressed by the cruel people ?
5], une echographie des voies genitales profondes par voie transrectale, realisee a titre systematique dans l'exploration de cette infertilite et completee d'une IRM pelvienne, a montre une agenesie unilaterale isolee du canal deferent gauche dans la portion pelvienne.
BAGHDAD /NINA / Another three car bombs hit deferent areas in Baghdad, killing and wounding dozens.
Al-Hamad reiterated the Fund's keenness to present the assistance to Yemen in the deferent development sectors, saying "Sana'a is not only the capital of Yemen but also of the entire Arab nation.
He said in addition to bringing on board smartphones, FDC is also mapping out many deferent plans in different areas based on the market requirements.
More than 30 ANA soldiers were killed or wounded over the past one week in deferent pats of the country, according to the ministry.
The amplitude of the signals that obtained from the tachometer in the terms of the sound and defective pumps is very deferent, thus the proposed method can detect the sound and defective pumps in higher speed and accuracy that result show in figure 16 and Table 2.
The buss timetables across the country will be changed in a way that will not allow several busses, owned by deferent companies, to from one and the same place to one and the same destination simultaneously, thus avoiding unfair competition.